My Date with The Boss

Just a quick non-parenting/non-running update: the Bruce Springsteen concert in Nashville last night was..... ok. It started an hour late (Diva!). I was thinking, "Dude, we're old! Get out here," as the time ticked away. We were definitely among the youngest folks there. People kept chanting, "Brrruuuuucccceee," which sounded like "Booooo" to me. I kept thinking, "Why are they 'booing'? Are they mad the concert is so late?" Chris cleared that one up for me. Thanks, Honey.

I was a little surprised that in the first two hours, I only knew two of the songs. Two! I guess he played a lot of really old stuff and some of the brand new stuff, not the 80's stuff I know. There was no "Dancing in the Dark" or "Born in the USA" or my personal favorite "Born to Run." He probably saved them for the encore. Unfortunately, we had an hour drive home and my dear hubby had to be at work early, so we took off before the encore.

And either I'm gettin' old, or this was the LOUDEST event I've ever been to. Seriously, I thought my ears were going to bleed!

But being in the room with The Boss and watching him rock out was pretty cool. He's still got it. And I was almost as excited to see Stevie Van Zandt from the Sopranos. You can tell they still love what they do (and they've been doing it a loooong time). There was quite a bit of audience interaction where he just let people touch him as if he were a Rock God. He also pulled a girl on stage for her Courtney Cox moment. I admit I was a little jealous.

I'm still mad I missed "Born to Run," but now when I hear it on my MP3, I at least have a visual to go along with it. Speaking of long runs, I have 10-11 on my schedule tomorrow. I'm excited to be in double digits! (I'm not counting the 10-miler where I walked the last 1.5 when I got sick.)


tamara said…
Oh, what fun!! We were fortunate enough to see Bon Jovi last May and it was incredibly loud as well. Everyone who is a fan of the eighties should see them. It was awesome. I am glad you enjoyed The Boss!!!