Today was a big day in my family. Today was my daughter's first day of kindergarten.

Last Friday, my husband and I took her to school for about an hour to meet her teacher and find her classroom. Here she is that morning-- very excited, so sweet and little-girly.

But today was the real deal---staying the whole day, eating lunch in the cafeteria, recess, not taking mommy with her.... She was too nervous to eat breakfast. Though painfully shy, she insisted on riding the bus. But when it was idling before us and it was actually time to get on, she froze. I had to give her a little push toward the steps. She climbed as slowly as possible up those three steps to embark on the next stage of her childhood. She never looked back or said, "Bye." I cried as I walked back to the house.

She's not my first child to go off to kindergarten and won't be my last (I have a 2nd grader and a two-year-old still at home), so I thought it would be really easy this time. It wasn't.

She broke out the Hello Kitty BLING for her first full day today. You may not be able to tell from the picture, but Hello Kitty's face is covered in glitter on top of a tie dye shirt. She completely picked out her outfit. She's forming her own little five-year-old identity. This picture says, "I'm sassy! And I'm a big girl now!" (You know how we women feel confident in certain outfits? I guess this was hers!)

In the space of a week, she seems to have changed so much! How does that happen so fast? And where did the last five years go?


Lisa said…
(((hugs))) to Mommy! I can relate. My oldest is almost 5 and my husband has been very adamant about him waiting until almost 6 to go to kindergarten. I wasn't super happy about that until now. I don't have to give him up quite yet. He does go to preschool, but kindergarten is different.

did she have a wonderful day????
Tina said…
Our daughter is in college now and I wish I could say it gets a lot easier, but there are always new challenges.

Your daughter is a real cutie!

Tomorrow is your race day, isn't it? Hope it's a great one!
tamara said…
It is so tough to let go, isn't it? At least you have taught her well at home - I can tell by her keen and fabulous fashion sense!! We love sparkly and glittery around our house. too!! I am sure she's having the time of her life!!
RunnerMom said…
Lisa, she did have a good day. Didn't get lost, didn't get left behind when the bus left school---all my fears didnt' come true! She's all about coloring, drawing, and writing, so I know she'll love kindergarten.

Tina--yes, tomorrow is race day! I hope I'm ready. It's been a while. Thanks for the well wishes!

Tamara-- yes, her "fashion sense" was definitely showing! I need to get some tips for myself though I think her style is a bit flashier than mine. :-)
Jules said…
OMG, I cried just reading the part about you walking back to the house & crying! I will be doing the same thing 1 tr from today! Althought I have already informed my work (1 yr early) that I will have to take a mental health day. LOL

SO cute! You are so proud I know.
OG wants to ride the bus so badly....I think we might skip it for a while since we are less than a mile away. LOL Maybe I should RUN her there. ha