Six Word Running Memoirs

On the Runner's Lounge, every Thursday a topic is posted for all the bloggers to, well, blog about.

This week it is Six Word Running Memoirs. Describe in exactly six words memorable runs in your running career.

Here goes:

My first attempt at running at the YMCA in June of '07 (1/2 mile): "Ok, maybe I can do this." Or perhaps "I seriously cannot breathe at all!"

My first 5K in Aug. 07: Back of the pack-- not last!

My first 10K in Feb 08: Last place beats "did not start."

Country Music Half-Marathon in April 08: Well-prepared, finished strong, surpassed goal.

My last 5K race in June 08: "I just won my age group!" (out of two of us!)

Last Saturday's 10-miler (heat and stomach problems): I should have stopped much sooner.

The future: More half marathons, maybe a full?


April said…
Fun! Great choice of your six words:) I'll have to try that soon.

Yes, I did see an article about the woman who had to bike for 6 weeks of her marathon training. That does give me hope! Although, truthfully, I'm not sure my poor old bike would survive if it got all that attention!
Hi -- I like your memoirs! Good for you on the half-marathon one & June 08. As for your future one? Do it! Go for the marathon!