Sweet Relief and Running Like a Rock Star

Whoo!! Today is supposed to be the last day of the heat wave with the heat index at 105. I'll be treadmillin' it at the Y, needless to say.

But the relief to which I was referring isn't just from the heat. It's from the PRESSURE I was putting on myself with the marathon. The aforementioned hotel room in Huntsville is now cancelled. I happily tossed my marathon training plans into the trash. It's as if a weight has been lifted.

I realized I hadn't been enjoying running very much lately. I haven't been doing much speedwork, which I really enjoy. Those long runs in the heat were just making me feel disappointed in myself.

With all that weight off my shoulders, I'll probably run really fast today! (Well, technically not fast-fast, but fast for me.)

As for Jeff Galloway, I'm saying, "Buh-bye!" I really dislike the 4:1 run/walk. It makes me feel wimpy and less of an athlete and runner. And the BEST PART of running is feeling like a Rock Star. Know what I mean? I miss that.


tamara said…
I didn't like the 4:1 deal either... Every time I have to start running again, I just feel like my legs weigh a ton. I am glad you have made the decision about your marathon. I am sure it is the right thing for you right now. Who knows what the future holds, right?