Work Out Buddies

I have a new work out buddy. It's my husband Chris. Chris works long hours at a very stressful job (while I keep the home fires burnin'), but he doesn't find time to exercise and de-stress very often.

He tried running. He had shin splints. We researched stretches and they helped somewhat. We planned to run a 5K together. He got up to 3.1 miles on a training run with the Garmin (he calls it his own personal neighborhood 5K), and the next day he injured his foot on the coffee table. This was around July 4th and he still has foot pain but hasn't gone to the doctor (men!). I think maybe he chipped a bone along the outside of his foot. (Did you miss my medical school graduation? Oh, wait, I did, too!)

So, lately, while we are watching t.v. after the three kids are in bed, I've started exercising during the commercials. He can't just sit there and watch like a big ole' lump, so he joins in. We do crunches and push ups and I even introduced him to planks.

Last night, I thought it would be neat to have him try out my stability ball. Oh, did I mention he's a BIG DUDE---about 6'1" and 210 lbs?

(This is him next to my 8-year old. Just kidding. She's two. Pretty much everyone looks big next to a two-year-old! But the scale of this photo is funny. Compared to the buildings in the background, doesn't he look kind of ginormous?)

He'd never tried to do crunches or anything for that matter on the ball. It. Was. Hilarious. He'd do a couple of crunches and then start rolling away. The ball was practically flattened. I said, "I think you're going to need a bigger ball," and we both cracked up. It's really hard to do crunches while laughing.

He's doing the Push Up Challenge with me, too. He's randomly done one or two days here and there, and he has no problem doing week 4. Grrr, men and their natural upper-body strength. I've done all of weeks 1-4, though it's taken me about 6 weeks.

Anyway, last night we took turns doing push ups and counting for one another. He did 25, 15, 15, 15, 25, and 5 bonus ones to make it an even 100. I did 25, 15, 15, 15, 25 AND 7 for a total of 102. (I just HAD to do a couple more than him. Guess it's my competitive nature.) Then I collapsed. My arms were twitching for an hour afterwards. I like the Push Up Challenge, but it's tough!

Then we stretched. Watching a man stretch is entertaining. Are they all so unlimber and tight, or is it just mine? Whereas they excel in upper-body strength, I think we women have them in the stretching department. Sitting on the floor, there was no way he could bend from the waist and touch his toes. He swiped at them a couple of times (leading to more laughter for both of us), but couldn't reach them. (Not that I'm much better! Very tight hamstrings after Saturday's 9- miler.)

It's always good when exercise is mixed with laughter and fun. Working out with someone you love is definitely the way to go! Now, please excuse me as I go air up my ball!


tamara said…
Too funny! I am trying to envision my husband on the stability ball. Of course, nearly anyone is a sight on the ball!!
I think we might be twins - with the running and... my hubby is 6'2" and is a big guy! When he was in the hosp a couple of years ago, long story, he had to have an MRI - the nurse came and measured his chest to see if he would even fit in the machine - is is so broad! Too funny. He did fit!

We are very competive together too. You should see out tennis games, a little scary really.

thanks for stopping by and I will check back with you soon. Congrats on your 9 miler. It is hard to get back to it, but you are doing great it sounds like.

Tina said…
102 push-ups - that's an achievement! So now that you've done over 100, will you just maintain or are you going for more?

Glad to see you had a such a good long run last weekend.
Christie Kettle said…
That's funny. I laughed out loud when thinking of him swiping to try to touch his toes. And you've inspired me to start the push up challenge. Started today and it felt good. I really need to work on my arm strength. I'd love to be able to knock out a few pull-ups next year when we have our kids do their fitness testing.