Actual Running and TMI

Despite my other post, I wanted you to know I did do some actual running this week! I ran 10 miles--- 6 miles pre-illness Monday morning and 4 miles today. I hope to run 11 or 12 on Saturday for my long run of the week.

Today I tried a new class at the YMCA---Pilates. I've done yoga and strengthening classes that involved Pilates moves, but never an all-Pilates class. I have to say it wasn't too bad. We didn't focus just on abs, but did lots of hip work and even some arms. I think I was expecting more abs. But, my hips have been tiring on long runs and sore afterwards, so strengthening them would be good.

There's another reason I tried Pilates today. **If you are male, just go ahead and stop reading right now.**

I went to the ob/gyn yesterday. Apparently having 3 babies (including 8.5 and 9 lb. ones) and then running on hard surfaces for long distances for over a year haven't done the old pelvic floor any favors. Nothing is actually falling out per se, but I don't think certain parts are where they are supposed to be. 'Nuff said. I have two options: Pilates or surgery. Well, duh! I'm opting for Pilates. I hope to make it to one class a week and do them at home another day.

So, yes, running is good for lots of your parts, but maybe not so good for others. It's a trade off I'm willing to risk.

I think I'm over my burnout. I did 1 hour of Pilates and then ran 4 miles, including speedwork in the last 3. That was enough for one day, I think.


Jules said…
all I can say is LOL. :)
Lisa said…
I am right there with you on the pelvic floor issues. Mine is non-existent (9.9 oz and 9.11 oz babies). I have very strong abs and I still have issues. Hopefully, Pilates will help you. If they do, I will have to give them a try!

Are you Kegeling right now?? ;-) They help too.
tamara said…
Never really realized running would do that to you. But it does make sense... GOOD LUCK.