Bursting with Pride!

I am bursting with pride right now. Today my second grader qualified for his school's 5K Club by running a mile in under 10 minutes. It's invitation only, and he qualified with a 9:44 mile. He's never shown any interest in running, but he's full (and I mean FULL) of energy all the time, so it will be so good for him. He's not fond of P.E. or team sports (and not super-coordinated), so an individual sport like running is perfect for him. There's no pressure, no one getting mad at you if you mess up, it's just you against the road.

Last year, he didn't even come close to qualifying. This year we talked about it. It was 8 laps around some cones in the school yard. I talked to him about not going out too fast, but not walking either if he could help it. I told him to run as hard as he could on the last 4 laps. I guess he did!

I'm so happy to have another runner in the family. My five-year-old has done two one-mile-fun runs, but lately hasn't shown any interest when I try to get her to sign up for races (almost all local ones have a one-miler for kids afterwards).

Now, Nathaniel will have run club once a week where they train for their target race---a local 5K in April. It's a HUGE race in the area. All the local schools compete to see who has the most parent/child/teacher participants. I've never actually run it, but you can bet I will run it this year---alongside my son.


MCM Mama said…
Congrats to Nathaniel! That's awesome.

So far, neither of my kids has shown any interest in running. Maybe someday...

I still run with my dad whenever we can and those are my favorite races.
Jules said…
That is AWESOME!!!!! Your 2nd grader is fater than me! LOL AMAZING! I hope OG wants to run one day! I saw kids (maybe 7th graders) in the park last night doing mini sprints w/ their coach. It was cool. One even had her dog!
tamara said…
That is too cool! And what a healthy sport for him to get involved in so early in life. You will have to keep us posted on how he is doing. Good for him!!
Janice said…
How funny.. I have a second grader and she loves it when I take her up to the school and let her run in the parking lot. Infact right this minute she is going up stairs to put her clothes and shoes on because she is just dying to run... Not me I am sore sore sore from lifting yesterday, so no running today.

Do you mind if I blog stalk you? And we are just outside of Lexington, a little town called Paris, my hubby got a job as the Chief Financial Officer here and, hence the big move from Ut to Ky, we love it so far.