Caffeine and the Buddy System

Today I'm operating on too much caffeine and not enough sleep! Don't you love those days?

For the past four nights, I haven't been able to sleep. I don't know if it's a cold or allergies, but I have this little tickle in the back of my throat and I'm really congested. I took Sudafed or something similar three nights ago, and it kept me awake and made my heart race. But not taking anything keeps me awake, too. However, taking something during the day makes me sleepy. Go figure.

About 9:00 each night, I expire. I just have no energy and need to go to bed. (Where I toss and turn and cannot sleep.) It's a little annoying.

I had plans to run with my buddy Kelle this morning. We made the plans last week before the cold/allergies hit. I felt like crud all day yesterday and kept wanting to call her to cancel. But, I knew I had six miles on my plate and if I wasn't feeling well, there was no way I'd do them by myself. Maybe one or two, but not six.

I dragged my tired booty out of bed this morning, hydrated with not one, but two cups of coffee and munched on some caffeinated sports beans, met Kelle at the park, and we had a good run (80 degrees at the end. Still!). The Buddy System really paid off. Not to mention the caffeine.

It's sad when you have to stop every half mile or so to blow your nose though.


Janice said…
I live off of caffeine, I don't drink coffee but I LOVE Diet Pepsi. I have to be careful or I will drink it all day and no water. I only allow myself so many oz a day. But on days I didn't sleep well the night before, I always go over my limit. Mmmm it sure is yummy.....;)
tamara said…
I have the same allergy sinus crap right now. Hope you get to feeling better! At least you are still out there running... despite the frequent stops to blow the nose!!
Amy said…
Hopefully you're feeling better! Way to crank out the miles despite a cold!