Life Intervenes

Today our house goes on the market. You can imagine how much de-cluttering, organizing closets, touching up paint, washing trim, etc., has put a crimp into my running!

We're in kind of a weird situation. We built this house for a family of four about 4 years ago. Then, two years ago, this happened:

We found ourselves with not two, but THREE children!

So, we're moving down the street. There's a home with more bedrooms seven houses down. Our kids won't have to leave their friends, change schools, or really alter their lives much at all. I'll still live in a great neighborhood (with excellent running paths!) with great friends. It's win-win. Except for the whole selling-my-house part. I'm the first to admit I'm not the best housekeeper. Now, every morning, all beds must be made, all floors swept, etc., before we leave the house. The house must be show-perfect. Every day. With three kids. I'm scared.

I still plan to run. I can't focus my whole life on cleaning! I'm running 3 or 4 miles today, then coming home to resume washing trim and walls. This week became an unscheduled drop-down week. I've run a total of 8 miles. Sometimes LIFE just intervenes.


MCM Mama said…
I hear you about life happening. Good luck with the house sale.

Beer Geek has told me that if a 3rd should somehow end up in our lives (not likely), we'd just have to figure out how to fit everyone in our little bitty house 'cause he's not moving. LOL
Your admitting you are not the best housekeeper just made my weekend. I am not alone. ;-)
Emily Doss said…
good luck selling. we are selling too. :)
Janice said…
well you have me beat by two miles this week.. not sure what my deal has been, but life does intervene.. and to top it off I have been in bed all day with a nasty cold.. I love to read so no big deal, but my house suffers from it.
STLGirl said…
What a beautifulfamily photo. I wonder who took that. Congrats to Natedog! What an impressive feat of strength! I am so proud. First he is riding rollercoaster now running soon he'll be off to college. Life goes by way too fast. Good luck selling. I'll pray for a quick sale. Keep cleaning the rewards will be great when you are in your larger home. I'm excited for you all.
Jules said…
Hang in there~

we put our old house on the market in March of last was a nightmare and made me CRAZY...thank goodness it was only on the market for 35 days or so before it sold. I was a crazy woman with lists everwhere of what to do before we left the house: make all beds, open all blinds, close all toilte lids (this is a good one if you aren't doing it already), open all doors, leave some lights on, keep kitchen sink EMPTY, and last but not least, Hide This List....the funny thing is I left the list by the front door everyday, and last one out was instructed to hide the list (so people being shown the house didn't see my OCD'ness) day hubbie left the list out and I KNOW the prospects saw it. i was LIVID when i got home and saw that list out. LOL