Fun Songs I'm Adding to my MP-3

I'm downloading these before Saturday. Some bring back memories (high school in the late 80's!) and some I just discovered. All are good for running motivation. Check them out on You Tube!

Animal by Def Leppard
You Shook Me All Night Long AD/DC totally classic!
You Give Love a Bad Name Bon Jovi
Paralyzer Finger Eleven
Stronger Kanye West (I'm overdue adding this one. Everyone runs to it.)
Boom Boom Boom Outhere Brothers (apparently from the 90's, but I missed it somehow!)


Janice said…
Those are some good songs.

My feet still hurt, but I am just trying to continue on and see what happens. I am only that fast when i am super strict and eat way good while training and do all the speed work and hill work. I train way hard for it. I am thinking I am done trying so hard and training so hard all the time. My sister is not that fast, running is not as natural for her as it is for me and our older sister.
Runnergirl said…
Great songs! What year did you graduate? (I was '89). The eighties had some awesome music!
Love too run and love the 80's. Wild Wild West
tamara said…
We totally have the same taste in music. We must be kindred spirits - except for the running thing.
running mom said…
I was searching for some new songs for my iPod and came across your list. Great songs! And I love your blog!