I’m done beating myself up about not making my goal finish time by 49 seconds. Why is it that we are so hard on ourselves sometimes?? I was ready to quit running, quit exercising in general, and basically give up on MYSELF. Pretty dramatic, huh? I’m such a goal-oriented person (that’s why I like running and doing races) that I was kind of devastated to pour four months of my life into something and come up short---even 49 seconds short.

Then my husband and some good friends talked some sense into me. They reminded me that I ran 13 miles on Saturday. Not everyone can say they’ve done that. (My husband says there is no way in the world he could ever finish 13, but I disagree.) I actually ran 13.1 miles three times in the last 6 weeks, that’s three half-marathons in two months! And hello, I got a PR! Just what the heck was I whining about? I think I’ll blame it all on the FEMALE CATCH-ALL FOR INSANE BEHAVIOR: HORMONES!

One thing that caught me off guard on Saturday was that I really was in pain and struggling some in the last three miles. Maybe running three half-marathon distances that close together wasn’t the smartest move I ever made. Maybe I shouldn’t have tried to stay with my pace group when they were running faster than we were supposed to go in the first 6 miles. Maybe I should have done a little more (ok, any AT ALL) cross-training on my days off of running just to build up my endurance levels a bit more.

Looking ahead: For the next couple of months, I’ll be running mostly six-milers or less. I’ll hit some pilates and yoga classes. Maybe do a little more strength training. In January it all starts over again. The Country Music Half-Marathon is April 25, 2009 and I’m going to run a 2:10 if it kills me.

Bob Glover, author of The Competitive Runner's Handbook, writes, "Feeling worthwhile as an athlete doesn't come easily. Whether you run a 5-minute or a 10-minute mile, are twenty years old or sixty. You strive to do your best just like the Elites up front. Feel proud of yourself as a runner. Don't compare yourself to others and feel substandard." Thanks, Bob. I needed to hear that.


Run Mommy said…
That is the right attitude! Like you, I recently posted about my mental breakdown so I am inspired to read that others have them too. Good for you for readjusting your thinking. :)
Jules said…
thanks for your comments...BUT. lol. your comment about your 1st 10k scared me lol....but I should be fine...b/c I think you can also WALk this 10 k and hopefully some people are doing that! :)
Jannie Funster said…
It's all so relative, isn't it? if I run 3 miles a week, 4x I feel on top of the world.

I guess just taking the time to "be" once in a while does wonders for the soul.
tamara said…
You should be proud of yourself!! Besides, not meeting your exact goal gives you something to continue working toward. But I think I would have to get over the forty-something seconds and call it a victory!! Like your husband said - YOU RAN 13 MILES!!!
Janice said…
You Rock Girl. We all have moments like that. Keep up the running but no need to push till January.
ABout your question over on my blog... I should be in training now for a marathon in Feb I want to do, but I am having trouble with motivation right now. So for the counrty Music I will get serious in Jan... I am itching to run a marathon though, so I hope I can get it together for a Feb Marathon.