Pace Setter of the Week!

My blog buddies at 26point2ers interviewed me as their Pace Setter of the Week!

Today I'm taking it easy in my one day "taper" for the 10K race tomorrow. In the race, I'll be competing with an old friend in my age group who ALWAYS beats me in every race, by at least a minute or two. However the finish line works out this time, it'll be good motivation AND I'll most likely have someone to run with (or play cat and mouse with) for the full 6.2 miles! And if she finishes first, I can always use the excuse she's been running one year longer than me.

I actually owe my running to this girl. Watching her start from a nonathlete and train for the Country Music Half-Marathon made me think, "WELL, IF SHE CAN DO IT, I CAN DO IT!" And she got really skinny and buff.

Inspiration can come from the strangest places.


MCM Mama said…
I enjoyed your interview. I was the manager for the track team in high school, but I didn't run. This past weekend I ran a marathon. Bet they'd all be surprised to hear that.

Good luck on your race this weekend!