Rave Run

You know that page in each month's Runner's World that has the Rave Run? It's usually someone running somewhere exotic or beautiful like in the mountains at sunrise. I had a different kind of rave run today.

Today was my last long run in preparation for the half-marathon. I was totally dreading it. I had planned to run 13.1 miles on the course of the half-marathon with my buddy Kelle and the running club. Well, as it turns out, ALL of my running friends were on injured reserve this week for various reasons. I knew I'd be on my own on this long run for the FIRST TIME in my running career.

But as it turns out the run was actually pretty great for several reasons!

1. Three words: Mocha Cliff Shot. OMG!!! Those are the best gels ever. It was like squirting Hershey's Syrup into my mouth in the middle of the run. Plus, it had 50 mg. of caffeine, so when I was slowing waaay down in the middle, it gave me a little pleasure and a little boost.

2. I did briefly have one of the running club folks with me for the first two miles, and we ran those miles in 9:36 each! That's 10K pace for me. Yes, it was starting out too fast, but it felt good.

3. Running among farms and fields, barns with smoking tobacco (we Southerners love that smell--it's not at all like cigarette smoke), fog lifting, sun rising..... it was actually kind of amazing. I didn't even have any music on for most of it. I didn't run the exact course---just the beginning and end of it, so I had to be creative and journey down a few new roads to get to 13.1.

4. I remember what it's like to run in cool weather! It's nice. I think that's why I was running faster. I was trying to get warm. It was only 45 degrees when I started and 65 when I finished. I have to remember to dress for 65 next time and just tough it out the first mile.

5. Dare I say, running alone isn't so bad. That 11-mile stretch alone with my thoughts, amusing myself, talking to God, writing this entry in my head actually felt right. I was out there in the middle of nowhere for two hours by myself. I didn't focus on pace, I just kept moving, kept putting one front in front of the other. It reminded me of my very first few long runs last winter when I was first discovering how peaceful this sport can be.

So, expectations were LOW before today's run, but I was pleasantly surprised enough to rave about it! I love it when that happens. (Isn't it usually the other way around? You feel good, expect to have a GREAT run, then it goes down the tubes.....) Not today!


Glad you had such a great run! You make it sound so beautiful.

I love running with people but I also really like running by myself, too...
tamara said…
I love to be alone with my thoughts. I have just never been alone with them for 13 miles. You make it sound so relaxing. I wish that running had been that way for me. But I still have walking...
Jules said…
can I ask you about the half? when did you start training and how long did you train? I want to do the Disney Princess 1/2 in March but I am only at 5.5 miles MAx at this time.
Think I could do it?

email me please! :)
Amy said…
Great job on your last long run before your half!

So, April and I would love it if you would be our Weekly Pace Setter this friday! If you're interested... email us at 26point2ers@gmail.com and we'll send you the questionnaire!