What's Next?

To avoid that post-race let down feeling of "What's next?" I've been trying to decide which fall races to do. There are so many coming up, but with two of my children having birthdays, my husband's 40th, MOVING, my 11th anniversary, and general $$$, I don't think I can do them all. Here's what I'm trying to decide between:

October 25-- my college alma mater's 5K Scholarship run. I did it last year. It's a small, very hilly race. I came in last in my age group and 3rd from last overall. (It was only my 2nd 5K race and I'd been running about 4 months.) I'd like to think I'll do much better this year which is one reason I'm considering it. I was a scholarship kid, so that also makes me want to do it. BUT, it's one week after the half, and I may not be fully race-ready. I'd love to PR. (I'm still in the honeymoon phase where every race is a PR.) However, spending $35 on the half one week and $20 or 25 the next week seems extravagant. I may let this one go.

November 1-- Sango Scamper. I didn't do this race last year, but I could choose between a 10K or a 5K. And it's right down the street practically! I would like to do a 10K under 1 hour (that's been my goal for a while, but I haven't done any 10K's lately). I came so close in May two weeks after the half in 1:00:10 (9:42 pace). But I honestly don't know if I can run that fast anytime soon! Or I could do the 5K and have a good time for Vanilla's Shave My 5K Challenge. (Vanilla is a blogger who challenged us to post a 5K time from a race in Dec 07-March 08, then to race in the latter part of 08 to see how much we could shave off.) I'm running out of time on that one, and this is a relatively flat course---great for a PR.

November 15-- Turkey Trot 8K. I loved this race last year. Five flat miles. I like five better than 6.2 It's hard to maintain a fast pace for 6.2 miles. Five is a little easier.

December 4 (I think)-- Jingle Bell Jog. My worst race ever. (also the "stubble" time to beat in the challenge). There was freezing rain, hills, little kids passing me. It was demoralizing. I want to redeem this race. Plus, it's the last race in "race season."

That's $100 worth of races, practically back to back, in a period of 6 weeks when EVERYTHING ELSE is going on. But, it does sound kind of fun, doesn't it?

Any suggestions?


April said…
Those look like some fun races...and well spread out, I think. Have you ever done any of the TN Parks Running Tour races? I've done a couple and they are very good. Here is the website:

Jules said…
They all sounds fun!! I think you SHOULD do the scholarship run!! And the turkey trot or whatever run.

I know wehat you mean about too many races....I did the womens only 5k 10/4, have the cannonball this wknd, the boo bash dash 10k 10/25,free to breathe 5k 11/15 and the turkey trot on thanksgiving day! I am INSANE! Canw e cay OVERCOMMITTED!!???

Can't wait to hear about the 1/2!!!
Janice said…
everytime i tell my hubby i want to run a race the first thing he asks is " how much is this one?" he really does love it that i enjoy it but stiil.. the $....

btw.... i am also having my 11th anniversary... this friday actually.....one more random thing in common.
tamara said…
You have to do the last one. And during the race, you must find those pesky little kids and trip them up. And surely you wouldn't have freezing rain two years in a row. I am all about redemption, so go for it!! They all sound like fun races. Just do what the budget allows... and time allows.
Run Mommy said…
Hey there, new to the blogging world but I like to read all them - especially the moms! I say do them all! You could just as easily spend $100 on something way less practical and less fulfilling so why not?

I look forward to reading more!
I totally agree with you abou the cost of races. The late entry fee for our local "turkey trot" 5K was $50! A little pricy for a family of four. We decided just to run 5K on our own for free.

My vote is for the Jingle Bell Jog. Try to incorporate some speed training into your routine between now and then and kick some little-kid butt! It has the makings of one of those sports-redemption stories.
Michael said…
I'm thinking of entering the Sango Scamper 10K. I haven't entered one in awhile, and still have the same goal you do of finishing in less than an hour. I just finished a 5K in less than 26, so I think I'm ready now. This one's flat and fast, you say?