Finding the Balance

Wow--- I'm finding it difficult to find the balance between day-to-day responsibilities (cooking, cleaning, mothering, laundering), packing for my move in 12 DAYS, exercising and running, and my favorite outlet---blogging and reading the blogs of others.

Luckily, I'm not in training for anything. I'm doing short, fast (relatively speaking) runs when I feel like it and/or can fit them in. I've run only 5 miles all week (3 on Tues/ 2 on Wed), but some running is better than no running. I didn't make it to Pilates class this week and found I really missed it. (Check out Faith Hill's abs on the cover of this month's Self magazine--all due to Pilates! Ok, and possibly a personal trainer.... a chef..... but STILL!)

It may be a bit boring for a while, but I hope I you'll continue stopping by this blog (all 4 of you!). The comments you leave are so encouraging and I feel like we are actual friends rather than virtual friends!

One week until the next race---an 8K next weekend. I'd better get some runs in before then!


tamara said…
There is nothing more stressful than moving!! And I am SURE you will do fine in a little bitty 8k no matter how much you run in the next week. Good luck with all your endeavors!! Isn't it funny how when our plate is full, we mothers always put things we love the most off to do stuff like laundry and housework. You shouldn't skip your Pilates - it makes you happy. You can always carry the dirty laundry down the street to you new house!!
Runnergirl said…
Oh, good luck with your move! But, don't forget about your "me" is so important in those stressfully busy times.
Legs and Wings said…
Don't let the fact that you're busy mess with your head. Yes, some running is better than no running - and, sometimes it doesn't hurt to all out quit for a time. Of course, with a race right around the corner, you wouldn't want to just up and quit.

There is no shame in slowing down so hang in there. You'll catch up again. You'll find the time.
MCM Mama said…
Good luck with the move and on your upcoming race! And, yes, some running is great. You'll be able to pick it all up when life settles down again!
Run Mommy said…
Moving is very stressful - just the right time to squeeze in a few runs! It will help you and get away from the mess for even a short time.
I will definitely keep visiting, Donna. It's neat to hear the story of how your running life continues to progress. And if you find that perfect balance, let us know!