A Little Inspiration for Your Holidays

As runners, I know we sometimes get in the mindset that we can just eat whatever we want and never gain weight (or is that just me?).

Well, with the holidays upon us, I propose we all take the HOLIDAY CHALLENGE. The Holiday Challenge is to weigh yourself on December 1 and then again on January 1. The goal is to have the scale on January 1 (despite New Years' Eve celebrations!) reflect a weight NO MORE THAN TWO POUNDS heavier than the weight on December 1. (It would be just cruel and wrong to try to LOSE weight during the holidays!)

Think we can all do it?

I got this idea from Real Simple magazine. The author of the article talked about knowing that weigh in is looming might help give us some self control. We can be one another's accountability!

On December 1, be sure to write down your weight on your calendar at home! Then we'll check back in on January 1!

Are you in?


Jules said…
hhmm, an interesting challenge. I will not post my weight here...but I will keep it in my head and will not cheat. Then i will chekc back in on jan 1 to see hwo I did. how's that??!!

Glad you are setteled in (sort of ) in your new home. :)
I'm in! Sounds like a good healthy challenge. Thanks.
Runnergirl said…
I'm in too. I need a little encouragement during the holidays! Great challenge.

Are you unpacked yet?
tamara said…
I am so not posting my weight for all the world to see, but I will do it. Although it almost sounds a little like deciding how much money you are willing to lose at a casino. Shouldn't we strive to not gain any weight, or is that just too optimistic??
Legs and Wings said…
This may sound odd...but we don't have a set of scales in our house. Not that it doesn't matter because it does.

I"ll play (if you don't mind a guy getting involved in the challenge). I'll get weighed at the gym and let you know.
Bethany said…
I'm in...

This sounds like a fun challenge! Not sure about the whole posting my weight thing, but I promise I won't cheat. I will write it on my calendar at home ;)

Happy Holidays!
MCM Mama said…
I'm in, but not posting my weight either. ;o)
OK, I'm in, and just 'cause there's no more putting it off, by goodness, and I don't do a major sacrifice for Lent (I know, wrong season, but anyway...)I am gonna LOSE weight over the holidays - don't judge!

I wasn't going to commit until I could see whether I could lose over Thanksgiving week, and I did, so here I am. Determined. Seriously.