Long Run Amnesia

I have forgotten what it feels like to run long. I haven't run more than 6.5 miles in a row since mid-October. What did it feel like to run for over two hours straight? (well, not exactly straight--I seem to recall some walking)

It's funny how soon you forget. For two months, runs over 10 miles once a week were the norm. Now when my friends tell me they ran 10 or 13 or whatever, I'm like, "Wow, that's impressive." It just sounds so far. Maybe my brain is blocking all those long runs out!

So, just in case you are blocking those traumatic long run memories out, too, here's an excerpt from a neat blog entitled The Back of the Pack. She calls it "Lessons from Long Runs" and it's really inspiring.

I am a lot tougher than I thought I was.
I can keep pushing when it doesn't seem possible to move another step.
Legs and feet that radiate pain can recover with just a few minutes rest.
Running with friends is the best.
Running alone... is good too, and sometimes necessary for the soul.
A person doesn't really need toenails on their first two toes.
Toenails don't grow back when you don't take breaks from racing.
Confidence comes from running a marathon.
Confidence comes from knowing you can endure.
Confidence comes from knowing you are strong.
Life doesn't have to slow down as you age.
Running can start at age 36.
Marathoning can start at age 48.
There is no end in sight.
It's important to eat and drink when running long.
It's important to eat and drink in the right quantities.
It's important to eat and drink adequately the day before the long run.
Solid food is better for some tummies than gels.
All manner of solid food will work.
Real Coke is a fine fuel.
So is chocolate soy milk.
And best of all? Starbucks Doubleshots!
Rest is imperative.
Six hours a night for weeks on end is not good rest.
Dreams can come true.
I have more...
resilience, fortitude, strength, breath, confidence, pride, stubbornness, stupidity, silliness, stiffness, speed, endurance, friends, love, freedom, grace, dreams and power
than I ever imagined.
And that is what running long has taught me.


Backofpack said…
Of course it's okay! It's quite an honor to be quoted on someone's blog.

I don't know if you read my back story, but I started running at 36 and I didn't marathon till October of 2006 (I was 48). In the two years since I've run 24 marathons and 6 ultras. Now, I will tell you this - part of the reason I started up at 48 was that my kids were practically grown - they were 17 and 19 at the time. I finally had time to train for the long stuff. The other thing that held me back was a long struggle with my health, which is a whole 'nother story.

Besides running, we have parenting in common - I've made a career of it - I am the Parent Education Coordinator at a community college near us! I really admire you for finding the time to run and train while raising kids. I know it isn't easy, but somehow it makes being a Mom that much better. Good luck!
Legs and Wings said…
I love Michelle's wisdom. If you haven't yet, tack her blog to your sidebar and visit often. She is part of a super friendly and awe inspiring running community there in WA.
Janice said…
Geesh.. I love it. All of it. I am going to need to check her out forsure, women like that just plain inspire me.