My Marathon Month!

My Marathon Month is almost over and I have survived! (But I didn't actually run a marathon, it only felt like it.) Back in the summer I actually toyed with the idea of running the Chickamagua National Battlefield Marathon in November. But the hot, humid July, August, and September in Tennessee put a hold on those plans. As it turns out, it was definitely for the best. November is a crazy month in my house with 3 birthdays. (We knocked the last one out last night at Chuck E Cheese.) But then, the new house happened.

One day in September on a whim, I had my realtor-friend Jennifer show me a house in my neighborhood that was for sale. It didn't look like much on the outside. But I couldn't believe how perfect it was for us on the inside! Before I knew it, we'd put our house on the market, it sold in 10 days, and we were suddenly packing for a move seven houses down the street.

The move last Wednesday really went great. The toughest part was getting 3 kids ready for school while frantically packing last minute items like their toothbrushes, bedding, etc., before the movers arrived at 8:00 a.m. The movers were actually about 10 minutes EARLY. That led to my ever-helpful hubby just shoving stuff randomly in dresser drawers-- stuff we still haven't found all of! I'd really like to know where my master bedroom phone is, for instance.

But, all in all, it went really smoothly. We are getting settled. I'm almost done with all the boxes, believe it or not. Hubby and I are a little OCD about having boxes of stuff laying around. All the junk in the basement---that's a different story. Out of sight, out of mind.

The two-year-old is a little bewildered. We're all a little turned around--opening the pantry door when we are looking for the garage or the laundry room. But we'll get there. It was funny the other night when I told my son to go to his room for misbehaving. He headed straight for the master bedroom. I was like, "Ummm, that's not the way to your room!"

I did finally work in a TWO MILE RUN yesterday!!! Yea!! I ran round and round the indoor track at the Y, and it felt GOOD. This sinus infection has been stubborn and yesterday was the first day I felt better. I'm starting a Z-pack today, so hopefully that will be a little more effective at knocking it out.

Anyway, this was supposed to be a quick update.


MCM Mama said…
Congrats on getting moved in! Yeah, I think a marathon would have been a bit much. We only had two birthdays and a marathon in October and it was exhausting. I couldn't imagine 3, plus a move and a marathon!

Yay for getting a run in.
Jules said…
SO glad you are done!! CONGRATS!
tamara said…
Glad your move went well!
Congrats on the sale, the buy and the move! It sounds like me last year -- we weren't planning to move but saw a house and 3 weeks later we had sold ours and moved! It was insane. But, I only have one child so it wasn't as crazy as moving w/3! Glad it went smoothly.
Run Mommy said…
Any you got a run in too..that is a good month! :)
Janice said…
Yay! you are in your house. Good job on sneeking in 2 miles.
Legs and Wings said…
Wow, 7 houses down the street would just confuse my kids to pieces. Congrats on a smooth move. I trust the transition to normality will continue to be trouble free.
April said…
Wow! Congrats on the new house! How exciting:)
Could I borrow you for about a week? You could probably whip us into shape. Glad it went well! What fun.
Christie Kettle said…
Glad it went well. Hope you found everything. Reading this made me think about how my 3 year old would react to a move. I think it'd be a bit funny to watch him adjust.