Would You Do a Reality TV Show?

Runners can certainly be a competitive bunch. I, however, was born without the competitive gene. Luckily, running is the sort of sport where you don't HAVE to have a competitive spirit. You are just competing against yourself. In races where I have it in my mind I want to beat someone, I typically get totally anxious and stress myself out. It sucks the pleasure out of running, for me anyway. However, if my goal is to beat MYSELF (my last race time), I keep a cool head and usually perform.

All of that brings me to the CRAZIEST THING to come my way in a long time. I got this e-mail from our Homeowner Association President today:

CBS is interested in doing their next reality show in our sub-division. The show will film for three weeks in the summer and will air in the fall.

The producers of this new show are the same that do The Amazing Race, Survivor, and last year's Kid Nation. The show will be highlighting the fact that there are still neighborhoods in America that have a family atmosphere where people want to get to know their neighbors.

CBS will choose seven to fifteen families that live in close proximity to each other. It will be an elimination style show involving fun family competitions. The families that are chosen will be given a stipend of about five thousand dollars with the opportunity to win more prizes as the show progresses. Ultimately, the family that wins will be given an undisclosed cash prize. There will also be opportunities for prizes to be awarded that will benefit the whole community. For example a pool, playground, or community center have been mentioned.

I TOLD YOU IT WAS CRAZY! Of course my hubby wants to apply, but the idea of it makes me feel sick. Kind of like the butterflies I feel right before speaking in front of a large group of people. I have absolute stage fright. I HATE public speaking. I've never been in a play. I don't like to be up in front of people. And the idea of having a film crew in my life for three weeks---no freaking way!
My husband thinks since I'm a runner, I would be good at the competitions. He doesn't realize that running is the only sport that I've ever been remotely coordinated at. Putting one foot in front of the other doesn't take that much coordination frankly. It's not like I'm jumping hurdles! Or even trail running.

So, anyway, what would you do?


tamara said…
You should totally go for it!! What an amazing opportunity!! If you don't apply, you would probably regret not giving it a try. If you don't want to do it, I will trade places with you for a few weeks and fill in for you as long as I get to keep some of the prizes.
Anonymous said…
From the parent of a Kid Nation kid... go for it. You only live once, and this is the opportunity of a lifetime. Having said that, you have to go in with your eyes open. CBS wants to make an interesting show, which involves conflict and juicy story lines along with the competition. Watch several episodes of Survivor and The Amazing Race before you decide. What you see is what you get... this is CBS, not PBS.
I Run for Fun said…
Wow! I think you sould go for it. I understand...like you, I've always suffered from stage fright. But this could be a fun experience...and might in fact, help you overcome your fear.