Half-Marathon Training Has Begun. Again.

Last weekend, I decided I needed MORE from my training runs. Running aimlessly with no races in sight was ok, kind of freeing, but I prefer to run with a purpose.

So, I found a winter half-marathon called (appropriately) the Frostbite Half-Marathon because I will surely get frostbite in my 2+ hours out there on February 14. It's part of the state parks series here in Tennessee. It's a very small race in a state park called Cedars of Lebanon.

I got on Runner's World's Smart Coach and printed out a program. My training actually started this past Monday. I was supposed to run 2 easy, 5 tempo, 2 easy, and 7 long. I switched them around (to accomodate Christmas shopping!), but managed to get in all 16 miles. It was touch and go at times---dragging three kids to the Y at 5:00 p.m. so I could run two miles on Thursday night and again on Friday night, but I got them all in. I think in this busy season, getting the miles in is going to require a little creativity.

In lieu of the race I was supposed to run today, I got up, got my cheerleader all dressed and ready to go, then went out for a quick five-miler that began and ended at the activity center where her game was. It was a good solution and I was able to get my run in AND not miss a single cheer. (She did great, by the way. I was amazed she got out there in front of probably 100 spectators! I'll post a picture later.) Luckily the activity center is right on one of my favorite running routes.

I haven't had a 16-mile week since October. It feels good to have a running purpose again. Running for fun is good, too, but I use running to feed my type-A personality, and accomplishing something is the name of the game.


MCM Mama said…
Yay for finding a way to creatively get your running in and to see your daughter's cheering.

I need to have a goal too. At least I have the 1000 mile goal to get me to the end of the year. Hopefully I can find a new (fun) goal in January.
Bethany said…
Great thinking on your running route! I'm sure your daughter was glad you were there. Good luck on your new training program.
Jules said…
See..it all worked out!!

And thanks for your comments. I am pretty sure I am gonna do it. Although I have not run since Tues 12/2...this is no way to be training for a 1/2.
Amy said…
Awesome! I'm planning on running this race, too!