Merry Christmas to All!

I hope you are all having a great Christmas with people you love.

Running has taken a backseat to LIFE this week. Wrapping presents, hunting for presents I've hidden, but can't remember where, entertaining three children.... It's been a pretty busy week. I've managed 8 miles and need to do 2 more, but can you leave your family on Christmas Morning to go for a run? (Of course, I did sneak on here to blog...) They are all downstairs eating country ham and biscuits-- a Southern tradition on Christmas morning. I may have 1/2 of one. (I did an early weigh in for the Holiday Challenge, and I'm up +3.2. OOPS! But I've got until next Wednesday, right??)

One neat thing that happened this week is that my husband ran for the first time since July! He wants to share this passion I have so badly. He was up to 3 miles in July, then broke a bone in his foot. It didn't heal correctly, so he was in a boot for quite a while and still has a little foot pain. He ran two miles nonstop on Tuesday.

I have a long run of 8 or 9 scheduled for Saturday. I may just have to skip the easy two-miler for this morning. I have to make green bean casserole anyway.


Janice said…
Hey can I fly down to Tennessee and run with ya? I am soooo sick of running alone. =)
Runnergirl said…
I am up a few pounds as well....ugh! But all the food is so tasty! Merry Christmas!
Bethany said…
Merry Christmas! Hope your travels to the Boro are fun and safe. I am in that area everyday, that is where Ella stays. About that weight challenge.... I'm up too! What can we do to get back down??? I need to work on my diet any way. Hope you all have a fabulous New Year!