Mommy First, Runner Second

This first weekend in December is packed with activities. One of them is the Jingle Bell Jog, one of my worst running memories from last year. It was just a terrible race-- raining, cold, ridiculously hilly, and I didn't do as well as I'd hoped. I'd planned to redeem it by doing much better this year. It's Saturday at 9:00.

However, my six-year-old's cheerleading debut (for church basketball) is 9:30 a.m. on Saturday as well. Hmmm.... I'm not at all convinced she'll actually get up there and do a cheer. She's painfully shy. They had one quasi-practice two weeks ago. They don't actually know any cheers or moves to go along with them. It may be a disaster.

But how can I not be there?

I tried to figure out a way to make it work. My 5K time should be about 28-29 minutes. Then the church where the game will occur is about 12-15 minutes away. IF the race starts on time, I might miss only one or two cheers. But I don't know how it works---they may only do one or two cheers! They ARE kindergartners after all. (It's not like they actually KNOW two cheers....)

Ahhh, it's just a race. No biggie. If there's a chance she's going to get out there and cheer, it'll be because I'm there to hold her hand through the process.

Plus, if I'm out at a race, who'll get her uniform on correctly and fix her perky cheerleader ponytail complete with grossgrain ribbon? Hubby? I don't think so.

Running is important in my life, but it's not THAT important.


Run Mommy said…
Good choice. You would not enjoy the race and the post race fun is what is a thrill for me. Better to be Mommy then enjoy a race some other time. She might not realize it yet, but your little on has a good mom to give up her think for her baby!
MCM Mama said…
I'd make the same choice. Love that picture!
Legs and Wings said…
You did the best thing. Kids have vivid memories. She might have remembered your choice should you have run the race...been delayed, etc and missed her cheers.

You did good.
Jules said…
I think you are making the right decision. GO to the game. You will be glad you did...and so will she.

PLUS< you KNOW those races NEVER start on time!!!!
April said…
The Frostbite Half was a good race. I believe they've changed locations since I ran it. It seemed really hilly to me and I thought that I might die during the first 6-8 miles. But then with 3 miles to go, I just got this burst of energy out of nowhere and finished strong. I'm a fan of all the TN park tour races that I've ever run. It's just beautiful in the TN:) Don't you think?
Runnergirl said…
I would do the same! Those little milestones in kids lives are so important and having your Mom there to support you is priceless. Hope she has a fun experience! Cute picture!
Janice said…
you are such a great mom...
How did she do?

I would make the same choice -- she'll only be little once :-)