Happy Running

This morning was, well, CRISP. It was 30 degrees with a fairly strong wind (blew my hat off twice), but it was a great day to enjoy the outdoors. Between Facebooking, texting, and a few phone calls, I assembled a little group of six to do speedwork at the track. These were just fellow moms and neighbors and friends, and somehow with our kids and busy schedules, we all came together on a Wednesday at 9:30. Having company made it seem less cold and the five miles flew by.

We warmed up for a mile and started two speedwork miles on the track. I was shooting for a 9:06 pace according to my Smart Coach plan, and I managed an 8:50 mile, walked/jogged 1/2 mile for recovery, then a 9:05 mile. We all finished up with about two miles in the neighborhood at an easy pace for cooldown.

They all want to continue to meet regularly. Two of us are training for the Country Music full, 3 were training for the half, and one was just there for fun. I think I'll call us the Wednesday Morning Running Club. Not exactly clever....

St. George Island pictures--finally!

This was January 2. It was MUCH too cold for this! My son Nathaniel learned to ride this boogie board in the freezing water!


I am so jealous. I need to find someone to run with. At least someone who is willing to run part of my long runs with me.
Happy Running!
Stacey said…
Running with friends makes it so much better!
You have a beautiful family!
MCM Mama said…
Sounds like a fun run! And the trip looks like fun too.
Legs and Wings said…
Companions help with winter running. Good job getting that group together.

Vacation pics are great! Your fearless son makes me smile. My boys seem to have no regard for frigid water too.
Run Mommy said…
I love your pictures! Cute family shots. Running in the group is great and I know how challanging it can be with a family. Have you ever tried the website SeeMommyRun.com? It is great and I tried to get it up and running in Canada with no luck. It is an excellent networking site for moms. Let me know how it goes!
Bethany said…
I love the idea of Wednesday Morning Running Club! I hope it continues...

Great job on the speedwork. You are right on track, way to go!

And you have such a sweet looking family! Love your pics :)
Tina said…
It's so nice that you have your own running group to encourage each other even when it's freezing outside. Reaching your time goals is always nice, too.

Those are great family photos!

Happy running!