The Holiday Challenge Results

Hello from St. George Island, Florida. We drove more than 10 hours with 3 children for four days at the beach. We are a little insane.

It was gorgeous yesterday, but it's chilly and windy and overcast today. I did get in a 3-mile NEW YEAR'S DAY RUN--- 2 miles with my hubby, then one with my sister-in-law. We are on a barrier island that is only one mile wide and 12 miles long, and it is soooooooo windy. We ran the first mile into a 15 mph headwind with a temp of about 50 degrees. It was quite brutal. Coming back with the wind behind us was much better (and speedier). Tomorrow and Saturday should be nice weather, then we are back in the car again on Sunday.

I thought hubby would think I was a little obsessive about my weight if I packed scales for the trip, so I had my FINAL HOLIDAY CHALLENGE WEIGH IN on the 30th. Hope that's ok!

Remember, the challenge was to either MAINTAIN your December 1st weight or to gain no more than 2 lbs from the holidays. I was up exactly 1 lb. from December 1st. (This was before travel food and 1 day of vacation food/beverage though.) Maybe I should go ahead and count it as +2. So, I think I made it! Sort of.

Just for good measure, I swam laps in the small hotel pool on the way down on the 30th. Then I picked up firewood along the beach last night with the kids. That had to burn some calories.

So, how'd you do? Are you + or - or the same?

I hope everyone gets in a run or some kind of fun, heart-rate increasing activity today to start off a healthy and prosperous new year!


I am up about 3.. UGH.... Time to kick some major butt.
Tina said…
Running into the wind is no fun - especially in the cold.

It was chilly last week when we were in Florida, too, and I think it helped me to run faster. (The sooner it's over, the sooner you can get inside!)

Good job on not gaining more than two pounds. I'm up a bit (not sure how much) and I'm hoping I've gained muscle. : )

Enjoy your vacation! Happy new year!
RunnerMom said…
Oooh, I hadn't thought about muscle. Pretty sure mine's just fat though.
Bethany said…
Well yesterday, I was up .6 of a pound, however last night I went all out! Was not home this morning, so I will weigh in Friday morning.

Enjoy your beach trip!!!
Run Mommy said…
This is exactly why I don't weight myself--I could not even guess what I am up but my guess is +1 or 2?
:-( I've gained 3 lbs!
MCM Mama said…
I'm up about 2.5, but it should fall off pretty fast once I stop eating processed stuff. Or so I'm telling myself. ;o)
tamara said…
Didn't gain a pound!! There's an advantage to having strep and a sinus infection the whole season. Nothing tastes good when you can't taste. Glad you had a good holiday!
Jules said…
thanks for the thoghts and kinds words on the 1/2. :)
Legs and Wings said…
I'm the same I think. I'll have to go to the gym and get weighed to make it official.