Marathon Training Week 1: The First Mistake

Well THAT didn't take long. On DAY ONE, I made my first training error. On Monday, I had an "easy" three-miler scheduled. The kids weren't back in school yet, so I had to go to the Y since they have childcare. I hopped on the treadmill, warmed up and started thinking about how hilly the Country Music Marathon is said to be. I figured I'd better throw in some hills. I'd done some hill work up to a 4 incline before. I decided to go up to a 5 incline today (not changing speed). Five may not sound like much, but it was really challenging. So challenging in fact, that I felt a sharp pain go through my problematic left knee. I quickly slowed down and lowered the incline, but didn't stop. It passed and I figured I was good to go. About three hours later, the soreness set in. It hurt to walk on my knee. Stairs were particularly painful. It felt like I had a catch in my knee. I looked and there was a pointy area on the top of my knee that I don't think was there before.

I iced, rested, and felt totally depressed for two days. I also dealt with a stomach bug for about 48 hours. My physical therapist buddy took a look and said she thinks my kneecap shifted a little and that what's poking up is the top edge of it. Either it didn't go back where it should have or it has inflammation under it. She told me it was safe to try running to see how it felt.

The pain was gone yesterday, so I ran 3.5 slow, easy, FLAT miles on the treadmill, stopping to walk one-tenth of a mile every mile. And it felt ok. Thank God! The pointy thing is still there, but maybe my knee was always pointy.

So here I am already 1.5 miles behind schedule and I've missed a speed workout. I guess that's how it goes.

I have a rainy 8-miler scheduled tomorrow. Then I'm going to the Tennessee Titans playoff game, where I'm sure to get in the extra 1.5 miles for the week walking to and from wherever we'll have to park. (At least!) So I guess I'll break even.

I'm sure next week will be better! I'm also excited that I've got 4 local gal pals training for the same marathon as me! Two live in my neighborhood and two go to my gym. It's going to be nice to have buddies to train with. All of them are faster than me, however. Guess I'll just have to run faster....


Andrea said…
Sorry to hear you are having knee problems. Hope you recover super fast!
Tina said…
Oh no! I'm sorry you hurt your knee. I hurt my foot Monday, too, so I know just how you feel. That's great that you have some marathon training friends!
Jules said…
oh, so sorry about your knee...yeah, hopefully it was pointy to start with. LOL

GOOD LUCK! You'll catch up!
Better to have made the mistake now, when you have time to learn from it, than a month or two down the road! Hope your knee continues to feel OK.
MCM Mama said…
Ouch! Hope it feels better quickly!
I guess it's better to learn lessons early on...?

Can't wait to follow your marathon training, Donna!
Anonymous said…
Hi Nice Blog . I don't really know a lot about Knee or art, but that's just my 2 cents. Really great job though, Krudman! Keep up the good work!