My Running Peeps

It was a mish-mash kind of long run today. I knew it was going to be freezing and there would be no restrooms on the running route, so I had to take matters into my own hands. I decided to divide up my 9-mile run. At 7:15 a.m. it was 19 degrees, and I bundled up and headed out for the first 2.5 miles in my neighborhood. I ran at my own nice, easygoing warmup pace, and though cold, it wasn't half bad. I saw Crazy Running Guy from my neighborhood out running, too. My husband and I always laugh because he's out whether it's raining, sleeting, snowing, freezing---Crazy Running Guy is ALWAYS out there. He said something to me as he passed (for the first time acknowledging me!) about how "People must think WE'RE crazy." Uh-oh. Did he say WE? Am I going to be known as Crazy Running Girl? (See last week's rainy run....)

Then I went back in the house, thawed for about five minutes, took care of business, hopped in the car and drove maybe six minutes away to the spot where my training group was meeting at 8:00 a.m. to do my last 7 miles with company. We actually had about 14 people show up for a 20-degree run at 8:00 a.m. on a Saturday. That's dedication and/or insanity.

It's funny, with that many folks, little groups emerge. In the front, we had the BQ (Boston Qualifying) Crowd. They are our fastest folks and they lead most runs. There was three in that group. I think. They didn't stick in view for very long. Then there was the Fast Ladies. These are the sub-two-hour half marathon gals. They were at least in view for most of the run. Sometimes I try to hang with them, but it's just soooo hard.

Then there was my little Middle of the Pack group. There were three of us--- two true Middle Packers plus a Fast Lady who hung back with us out of pity. (Just kidding--she wanted to chat and have an easy run. However, her "easy" was kinda freakin' challenging for us!)

Then, there was the Run/Walkers a.k.a. The Jeff Galloway Crowd. They do an 8:1 plan where they run 8 minutes, then walk one minute. They've been known to overtake me near the end of a run when my steam runs out, and I must say that kind of sucks.... I gave that technique a shot, though, and it just wasn't for me. I did enjoy running with them, though. They have a lot of fun.

It's good to have people.


Run Mommy said…
Your post made me your group titles. :)
Stacey said…
Funny how there are always those little groups within a group! Love the names you've given them. Good job on the run. 2.5 miles is usually when I need to take care of things too. Have a great weekend.
Bethany said…
Too Funny! It is so nice to have people to run with and in your case to challenge you on those runs too! I crack up about Crazy Runner Guy, I have one of those at work...same time same place no matter the weather!
tamara said…
I am so impressed by anyone who will get out at that temperature and run. Or do anything for that matter! I just don't have it in me. Sounds like you are doing great and are very dedicated!!
LOL~ You to funny.

Way to get out there and brave the cold. Wish I had people.