Orthos Are Nice, 89 Days, and Random Facts...

Last week, I went through a rite of passage every runner must eventually go through: My first visit with an orthopedic doctor! A while back, I noticed a lump or nodule on top of my left knee cap. This was actually on Day One of marathon training (three weeks ago) when I went a little too high on the incline on the treadmill on which I was running. I felt a sharp pain, lots of soreness afterward, and this lump appeared which I was fairly sure wasn't there before. In addition to the lump, my left knee has plagued me with soreness since I started running. I knew it wouldn't hurt to get it checked out before marathon training intensified.

I called on Wednesday, and I was able to immediately get in to see the ortho doc's physician's assistant. When I told her my history, the first thing she did was congratulate me on training for a marathon! She had run the Country Music Half Marathon about five years ago, so she gets what this running thing is about. She ordered an ex-ray of the knee, which showed I have mild runner's knee and mild arthritis from cartilege degeneration, but nothing abnormal for a gal pushing 40.

I also have a traumatic neuroma on that kneecap. An online medical journal says, "A traumatic neuroma is a thwarted attempt by a nerve, injured or severed by prior trauma or surgery, to regenerate, resulting in a tangle of neural fibers and connective tissue. Traumatic neuromas usually present as palpable nodules, painful to the touch." It's not serious and mine isn't really that painful, so I'm planning to just leave it alone. The only treatment for neuromas is surgery. No, thankyouverymuch. She didn't advise me to stop running to let the runner's knee heal (it's normal to have mild runner's knee if you are a runner), but she did say taking glucosamine and chondroitin might help maintain the cartilege I have.

The marathon is in 89 days. Is it me, or is that not very far away???? I only ran 18 miles this week. I'm possibly starting to freak out a little.....

I saw this on Facebook, and decided to share it here, too. It's called 25 Random Things About Me.

If you read this blog, consider yourself tagged. I love getting to know my bloggy buddies better as much as I love to read about your running adventures!

1. I have only lived two places in my entire life, Adairville, KY, and Clarksville, TN.
2. I'm sad that I didn't discover running until I was 36 years old.
3. I never expected to have three children---just two. But I'm so glad I have sweet little #3.
4. Chris and I met at a Halloween party. He was Jason from Friday the 13th, but I was lame and didn't dress up.
5. Chris and I dated for only 12 weeks before becoming engaged. When it's right, IT'S RIGHT.
6. Chris and I were Beagles (a local band) groupies and they played at our wedding, which was very cool. I had more fun at my wedding reception than I've ever had at anyone's.
7. I LOVE to dance, but I'm TERRIFIED of public speaking.
8. I came in second in a limbo contest at the Warehouse (a local bar) on my first date with Chris. 9. The Bahamas is the only place outside the U.S I've visited. Key West is my favorite though. 10. I went on a mission trip to New York City and worked in a Brooklyn daycare for a week in my twenties. I even rode the subway. It was eye-opening for a girl from a town with just a four-way stop.
11. I feel strongly convicted to help people in need. Maybe because I grew up poor.
12. I'm terrified of fire. I don't like bonfires, campfires, fire pits, etc.
13. When I was little, the curtains in my room caught on fire because my sister left a candle burning (see #12).
14. I could not cook AT ALL when I got married. I still wish I were a better cook, but I'm improving every year.
15. Chris is my soulmate. We finish one another's sentences and frequently say or think the same thing at the same time.
16. I became a Christian at 11, fell away from it during high school and college, then came back into the fold in my mid-twenties.
17. My family and I just moved seven houses down the street because we needed a bigger house, but loved our neighborhood so much.
18. I love learning. I would love to go to school for the rest of my life (as a student, not a teacher).
19. I was an 8th grade and 10th grade English teacher for eight years. It was hard. The kids were kind of mean.
20. I'm very thin-skinned and get my feelings hurt easily. I'm bad at forgiving.
21. I once left a job I really liked for one that was AWFUL. I think I have "grass is greener" syndrome.
22. I miss my Granny Johnson. She passed away 21 years ago and it still makes me cry.
23. Sometimes I feel like I'm wasting my education, but nurturing a child is an important job, too.
24. I am a first generation college graduate. I am thankful to my parents for sacrificing to send me to college.
25. I'm really content with my life and thankful for my blessings.


MCM Mama said…
Beer Geek and I were engaged about as fast as you and Chris. 14 years later, it was definitely still the best decision of my life.

We are heading to Key West in April. Any suggestions of cool stuff, kid friendly or not as we'll have the grandparents with us for babysitting?
Stacey said…
Fun post! It is nice to "get to know" you better. I do have you beat, my hubby and I were engaged on our 2nd date, (we had known each other for nearly 2 years prior to that, though).
Run Mommy said…
I love these kinds of posts...12 weeks umm...My husband and I were together for 14 years before we got married (quick math - we met at the age of 12). This year we celebrate 10 great years! I also enjoy that you too worry about your education. While I still work outside the home, it is not where I expected to be after graduate school but at least I am home pretty early in the day and can handle all the kids stuff no problem. Great post!
tamara said…
Now I know one of the reasons I like you so much - I was an English major in college and just have a passion for words and grammar (though mine is rusty and imperfect now). We have to find each other on Facebook so we can gossip about our TV shows. I just joined and am SO ADDICTED. Good luck with the knee!
I think I was nodding with a big grin on almost all of your items. Great post, love getting to know you better.

I take glucosamine almost everyday, well when I remember.
Jules said…
I love reading things about other people, like lists like yours.
This is a great list! It captures so much. Won't it be interesting to go back and read it years from now?
Anonymous said…
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