A Soggy Run and Recovery Done Right

On Saturday I had an 8-miler, my long run of the week. I had run 8-milers twice in December and also a 9-miler, so I wasn't too worried about the run. Saturday morning arrived with light rain showers, but I was determined to get the miles in. I had already lost 1.5 miles during my mid-week run due to the sore knee.

I put on my most water-resistant jacket, wind pants, and picked up my friend Cherilynne. We drove to a paved trail to meet the running club. Only two other runners were brave enough to face the rain. Our group of four started out at a challenging pace for me, but normal pace for the three of them. I knew I was going beyond my long, slow distance prescribed speed, but misery loves company, and the light showers quickly turned into a hard rain. Luckily, the temperature was in the low 50's, so it truly wasn't that bad. (Or I'm just that tough.)

By mile 4, my wind pants were wet and stuck to my legs (but at least they weren't cotton, weighing me down and slowly sliding south!), but my Reebok water/windproof jacket was holding up well. I unfortunately hit a puddle right at mile4, so the last 4 miles involved soaked socks and shoes (and caused one blister). Cherilynne and I had 3 CranRazz Shot Bloks at the 4 mile turnaround. I didn't really feel any extra energy from them, however. Gels and Sports Beans seem to work better, don't you think? I think going out too fast on those first four tired me out a bit. The last four miles were much slower. Someday, I hope to master the art of negative splits. Maybe next week.

The knee was fine. It felt a little strange around mile 3, but never hurt or anything. I iced later in the day, and it's not sore at all today.

Since I had burned 758 calories according to Garmin, we went out that evening for the perfect recovery meal at P.F. Chang's in Nashville. (This was after sitting outside for hours at the cold, windy, and wet---yes, more rain---Tennessee Titan's playoff game. Seriously, I was rained on more on Saturday than any day I can remember in my whole life!) The perfect meal consisted of a spicy New York strip cooked medium rare, brown rice, asparagus, fried green beans, and a Cosmo. Doesn't that sound wonderful? It was. And the best part was that it was served in a warm, DRY place with no children and no clean up.

I'm totally ready for week two.

P.S. A discount code for the Country Music Marathon is ANNIV to save $15! (or so I'm told) If not, try TNTOTX for $10 off the price.


Bethany said…
You are WAY tough!!!!

Great run and good job sticking it out in the rain...all day! You are off to a great start, even with the little bump in the road. You will have to fill me in on these gels and beans one day, if I can ever get it together...
MCM Mama said…
Good job on the run!

I can't do the shot bloks as they give me intestinal issues. I'm a big fan of vanilla GU. It goes down easy and gives me a bit of a boost.
Amy said…
Ummm... I think you are THAT tough... I only had to run 6 in the rain on Saturday morning and between the wind and the intermittent downpours of rain, I was not a happy camper. Nice job.

Ugghhh... the titans... that sucks that you were there... in the rain... and they lost. Nice that you didn't let it ruin your night though! Your dinner sounds great! :)
Stacey said…
You are tough, I would've got on the treadmill! (although, mine broke last week), it is killing me, I am not as tough as you are, winter running makes me wimpy! Great job!
You are so awesome. I actually do like to run in the rain sometimes. I like to break things up, but there was lightning and thunder here on Sat morning and that was the kicker for me. "Treadmill here I come"

I am pretty excited about CMM. I hope we can meet up and ride the bus together or have dinner. I felt so good this morning and was able to run another 7... =)