A Spectacular Run!!

My kind of "meh" week ended with a super awesome great spectacular amazing run. Seriously, it was THAT good. Could it be that we are being teased with spring-like weather? Come on, a sunny, 60-degree day in January? Apparently for one-day-only, Tennessee is having a burst of spring. Tomorrow is back to the thirties. How could I NOT run in these temps? I was just thinking the other day that I missed the feeling of the sun warming my skin on a run. Today, I was able to run in short sleeves, capris and no ear-warmer, mittens, or jacket. It was heavenly.

I switched my 10-mile long run to today to take advantage of the weather and ran with two ladies I had done a half-marathon with in October. (All of us had set the goal of a sub-2:15 half, but they finished in 2:11 and 2:13, while I came in at a disappointing 2:15:41. I struggled to keep up with them that day and felt bad as I watch them getting further and further ahead in the distance....)

But TODAY, I hung with them. They were so sweet--they said that they could see a BIG difference in me from October and that I was kicking, um, butt. (well not exactly their words...) That gives me hope for a sub-2:15 half this time---in three weeks--- maybe even a 2:10.

I have really been diligent this winter keeping up the mileage and training. After an illness sidelined me for a large part of November, I jumped back in with both feet in December. I sure hope all this hard work pays off!

I guess it really already has. Today the last two miles hurt a little, but I kept pace and even finished the last mile at a 9:43 pace. Overall average pace was 10:23 (very good for me on a long run), but I still had enough left to speed up that last 1/2 mile. We did take one little break at the 5 mile point to use the restroom at a convenience store and take a gel, but for ME, one walk break in 10 miles is pretty great.

I'm getting there.... It has taken perhaps more time than I'd like, but I can see that I'm getting stronger and faster. And that's why we do this week after week, isn't it?


Bethany said…
Wow! This is such a great and encouraging post. I'm so proud of you, what a fantastic run today! You should be really proud of yourself :)
tamara said…
Today really is the most beautiful day in a long time!! And you deserve a good run on a day like this since you have been running in the most miserable weather lately! Glad you had a good one!
Yay, awesome post. I could totally feel your energy and excitment about your run today and about improving and getting stringer. I love that about running. If you stick with it and try, you can only get better.

We hit 59 today and I wanted to run so badly, but the hubs has been gone all week and the 3 year old would have hated sitting alone.
Run Mommy said…
Don't you love with that happens?? Way to go!
Tina said…
Finishing a half in 2:15 is super! 13.1 miles is a long, long way!
MCM Mama said…
Yay for a great run! You are going to kick butt at the HM.

We had nice weather here today, so I walked 3 miles with the kid in the stroller and then ran 4 miles when Beer Geek got home. The run itself wasn't so hot, but being outside in nice weather ROCKED!