Coach Runnermom?

I just signed up for something cool--- the Road Runner Clubs of America Coaching Certification class! It's a two-day, sixteen hour, all-about-running seminar. From their website:

The RRCA Coaching Certification program seeks to provide trained individuals to work with adult road runners at all levels, beginner to advanced. The RRCA program focuses on issues specific to adult road running and racing, including coaching fundamentals, scientific background and the establishment of training schedules and goals to help athletes reach their running potential. Whether the goals are race specific or general fitness, this program will provide the background and training to work with individual runners.

Typically, I'm more the "be coached" type than the "coach," but I see this as an amazing opportunity to learn more about running--even if I never coach anyone. I really enjoy going to school, taking classes-- I LIVE TO LEARN. Plus, I LOVE to talk to people about running/getting started, I was a teacher in my former life, and I love to run (most days), so it seems like a good fit.

Maybe someday I'll lead a Couch to 5K group. There's nothing like those first few months of running, stumbling along.... learning what you are made of... and then you pin that race bib on and you are CHANGED. Or at least I was.


Emily Doss said…
I would sign up for your couch to 5k group. :)
I need a coach because I can tell let myself down, but I would hate to let my coach down...I think that's why I did so well in sports.
that is so awesome. Good for you. Let me know how it goes.
Lisa said…
OMG! That is exactly what I want to do! I am really jealous. There is nothing in my area listed. The closest one is only a shortened version.

I will live vicariously through you! I assume you are doing the one in July? Why is there one in a little town in TN, but nothing in Southern CA??

Congrats.... you'll do great.
Bethany said…
Very cool! I think you would be great for this. I know you have helped me out... a lot!
Bethany said…
Donna, Thanks for your advice! I think that is a great, great plan... And that is exactly how I want to be, comfortable at 5 or 6 miles and during the week just enjoy an easy 2 or 3 miles. You haven't even taken your certification and you are already so helpful! You can use me as an example of your work ;) But really thanks for a logical out look on what I really need to focus on!
Run Mommy said…
Wow that is a great idea..I would love to take something like that. I wonder if we have something similar in Canada. Good for you - you will make a great coach.
Jules said…
cool. How neat!!
Awesome! Can't wait to read about how this works out for you.
shells said…
Hi RunnerMom,
I'm also slightly obsessed by running, it's an addictive caper, isn't it? I found running in Feb 2007 and I too couldn't make it 2 miles without stopping 3 times and I too am now training for my first 26.2! I've got my marathon training diary here at the only difference being that I'm in Melbourne, Australia. Good luck with your Marathon! Best Wishes, Shelley.
Christie Kettle said…
This sounds fantastic. I think I want to look into this and do it myself. I'm starting a running club at my school next year and this would be great for me to have. Thanks for sharing.