Just a Little Update...

On Friday, around mile 12, I rolled my right ankle when I ran off the road briefly. I left that out of my post because I didn't think it was a big deal. It hurt for a minute, but I kept going for the last four miles. I didn't realize it hurt until I stopped at the end of the 16th mile. I think I was operating off of adrenaline and fumes by then. Of course, at that point, everything below the waist kind of hurt!

On Saturday, I was still a little sore in my knees and quads and that darn right ankle. I never dreamed that I had injured it. I cycled for 3 miles on Saturday for active recovery, then walked 1/2 mile. On Sunday, everything felt pretty much back to normal.

Monday, however, I learned the truth when I ran 4.5 miles. My ankle went from not hurting at all in mile 1 to hurting a lot in mile 4. When I stopped at 4.5, I knew that seemingly insignificant ankle roll was, actually, pretty significant. I immediately iced and elevated it, but within two hours, I could barely walk on it. I had to pick up a few groceries, so while I was there, I bought an ankle support/brace. I've been alternating that with icing today, accompanied by Aleve or Motrin.

So far..... not much improvement. I need to be off of it, but I'm home today with a two-year-old and a sick child. (Strep has made it's way back into our household---this time it's my 8-year-old son, who doesn't even have tonsils. Sigh.) Not exactly a put-your-feet-up-and-relax kind of a day!

I'm taking off from running until Friday. Then, we'll see...... It's not bruised and not really swollen (well, maybe just the tiniest bit), so it's clearly not broken or sprained. I guess if it doesn't improve in a couple of days, I'll stop self-diagnosing and go to the doc.

Anyway, I'm not totally freaking out. I've got 8 weeks until the marathon, right??


tamara said…
Oh, good luck, girl!! Try to stay off of it and see what happens. I will be thinking about you!!
Bill said…
It can be a blessing in disguise. A bit of unscheduled rest never hurt anyone.

But definitely see the doc if it persists.
Lana said…
I'm in total agreement with Bill. A few days of rest may be good for the whole of you, ankle included. Don't waste your effort on worrying at this point. (Plenty of time for that later!)
Stacey said…
I think you are smart to give it a rest. You still have plenty of time...no worries! Good luck!
MCM Mama said…
Hope the rest heals it up quickly!
Sorry to hear strep is in the house, my older son gets it at least a couple of times each winter.

You still have plenty of time before the marathon. It'll all work out.
StangLuvr said…
Sorry to hear about yor ankle. I got a calf muscle is giving me fits. I am training for my 1st marathon too (CMM). I went from an 18 mile run on Saturday and feeling good, to not running this week and being depressed. I have begun to doubt my ability to even run the CMM.
Oh no! Stay off it as much as you can and try compression. When I twisted my ankle in the fall, it took awhile to get back to normal but RICE really worked. Once I started running again, I ran with an Ace bandage on my ankle and that helped, too.
Sounds like you are doing all the right things -- hope it imporves soon. Soooo cool you have did 16 miles, and so creatively. I am loving reading about your story as it unfolds.
Wow ... just proofread my comment AFTER posting it. Holy typos, Batman.
Anonymous said…
That really stinks! I hope your ankle mends quickly and hope that the strep leaves your house soon too.
Anonymous said…
Yikes! Ice and elevate, girl! I think some rest is a great idea, and since you have 8 weeks, don't sweat it. Plenty of time to heal.