New Shoes To the Rescue.....

First, THANK YOU ALL for the encouragement. I'm not quitting. My spirit was bent a little, but not broken. This quote I saw on The Meaning of Stonehenge was also encouraging:

Only those who risk going too far can possibly know how far they can go. -T.S. Eliot

I'll just see how far I can go!

After that horrible run the other day, I checked out the tread on my shoes. It's really worn down in places. I was conscious today as I wore my running shoes around that they've definitely lost some of their spring. I did a little research (by reading my archives), and I've had those shoes since July. The life-span of a running shoe is 300-500 miles, and mine seem to peter out closer to 300. It may be because I do most of my miles on the road or on concrete. These have somewhere between 300-400 miles in my estimation.

So, I got on Road Runner Sports and ordered not one, but TWO new pairs of shoes. I ordered the Brooks Adrenaline and the Asics 2140's. I currently run in Asics 2130's for stability, but I've had my first blisters in these shoes and even have developed a corn-type thing on the top of one toe. (It's lovely.) Clearly they are rubbing in some of the wrong places.

I've never tried on the 2140's or the Adrenaline, but at RRS, you can try a shoe for 30 days---and I am running 70+ miles a month--- and send them back if you are not satisfied. I'll just try both and only keep the ones I like.

New shoes make EVERYTHING better. Seriously, I feel better already.

I'm also making one other significant change in future runs---I'm going to drink Accelerade or Cytomax before, during, and after the run. I had forgotten I drank Accelerade when training for my half last spring, and it really helped. It is supposed to increase endurance and also aid in muscle recovery. I drank it throughout the Country Music Half-Marathon last year and I felt awesome during and after, and that race was way hillier than what I ran this weekend. I know I need to avoid mixing it with GU's, so I'll carry water in one of my hydration flasks and Accelerade or Cytomax in the other. The CMM switched to Cytomax this year, and I know I'd better make sure it works for me BEFORE marathon day.

I may look into some Gu Roctane (caffeinated Gu), too. It's got a cool name anyway.

Today, I just couldn't bring myself to run. I'm still mad at running. So, I biked 8 miles at the Y (didn't even break a sweat---probably should have gone faster or used more than 3 resistance), but hopefully it helped get rid of some of the soreness that was still lingering in my quads. My legs just feel kind of dead. I'll try to get in 4 or 5 easy miles tomorrow...... maybe.


Run Mommy said…
Glad to hear you are still in!
tamara said…
I don't think you should worry about your doubts. Anyone would have a little trepidation at the thought of running 26.2 miles. If you didn't freak out from time to time, you wouldn't be human. And new kicks (running or otherwise) always lift the spirit. You just keep on keeping on.
MCM Mama said…
Glad to hear you are feeling better about things! And the shoe thing can totally make a difference.

Good luck getting back in the groove!
Boy oh boy, Donna, sounds like you had a tough run on Sunday. I could have written that same post so many times while I was training for my one and only marathon. Some runs just sucked. Others were great, and a bunch more were just so-so. I learned something every time and it sounds like you are doing the same. Don't worry -- it will all come together on race day.

As for the shoes, you might want to consider going a half size up. I needed a bigger shoe for longer distances to avoid blisters -- all that pounding the pavement seemed to expand my feet. Just a thought.

Take care!
i love new shoes, I need some right now too. I def think you should try the roctane. I swear by it. If you do try it, let me know if you are liking it too.
I'm going through a similar thing with the marathon and running. I'm hoping it is just this weather and the fact that I am doing most of my runs inside that is causing my doubts and lack of running love. I hope it is the same for you. Yay for new shoes, by the way. Always a good thing!
Ann said…
Agree!! New shoes make everything really better.