A Few Good Miles

On Saturday, I finished up the month of February with a 5.5 mile run on my treadmill (the weather was NASTY!) for a total of 80 miles this month. That was my top mileage month--ever. And yet somehow, I gained 5 pounds! How exactly does one run 80 miles in one month, weight train (lightly), and even throw in a little spin and still GAIN WEIGHT?

I enjoyed my drop-down week last week, but this week I'm back in SERIOUS TRAINING TERRITORY. Despite the recovery week, this morning I woke up tired and cranky, not feeling like running. I got the big kids off to elementary school, took the little one to preschool, New Kitty to the vet for her checkup, and it was finally time to run. I hopped on my treadmill (I just couldn't handle the 29 degrees with wind chill in the teens this morning) for some hillwork.

I started on an incline of 1 and every quarter-mile, I increased it by one, up to an incline of 5. Then I dropped back to 1 to recover a little, went back up to 4 and 5...... and so on. The three miles I-didn't-even-feel-like-doing turned out to be great. I felt like I got some decent hillwork in, and I was in a much better mood and less tired when I finished. I love runs like that.

On Wednesday, I am attempting 18 for the first time. Mentally, I feel like 18 will be HUGE since many training plans only go up to one 18-mile run. After that, maybe I'll start feeling like the real deal---instead of an imposter! That will be my last long run before the Tom King half on March 14.

I'm excited about the flat, fast Tom King course. I don't plan to race it all out because I have my first 20-miler seven days later and at this point, there is no time for recovery. But maybe I'll finally get that sub-2:15.


EXCITING! You are getting so, so close! If it makes you feel better, I like 18 better than 16. I don't know why, but 18 is great. 16? Not so much.
StangLuvr said…
Congrats on a good month. I am thinking of dropping back and only doing the 1/2. I am struggling to stay healthy. Now with both kids starting softball/baseball, I have even less time to train. I need to build up a good base of running from now to August and then try for a fall/winter marathon.
I always tend to eat more when I am in training. Hence the 3-5 pound weight gain.... sucks, but I do it almost everytime. I don't get how people lose so much weight, I eat like a fricken horse. I have 18 this sat too... wish we could do them together.
Bethany said…
What a great month! And I'm so excited about your treadmill. Seems like you are really enjoying it! How fast were you going when you were doing the hill work? OH my, I just think I would be slowly scooting up that "hill!" Good Job, Girl! Can't wait to hear about your 18 miles.
You are SO not an imposter! No way.

GOOD LUCK with the 18 miler!
Amy said…
I'm running the Tom King, too! I've ran basically the same course in another half a couple of years ago...it's flat and fast. Everyone says that's it's the best half marathon route around to PR on.

And... just think... no gravel! Woo hoo!

Good luck with the 18-miler!
Bethany said…
That is still great for hills! I "should" do more hills this next go, but I just don't know... :) I dislike them very much!
Jules said…
I am sure your 5 lbs is all muscle...there is NO WAY with all that stuff you did you could gain 5 FAT lbs...
kristen said…
Great month of running! Like you I could barely run a mile 5 years ago and now I find myself pushing every week to see how much further I can go. So far the longest I've run is a half, but I still am amazed I was able to do that! Best wishes as your progress toward your marathon! I hope to do one someday, too!
Run Mommy said…
I think 18 is fantastic! It seems like it is so close and then you are certainly NOT an imposter. GReat work during the month of Feb!
MCM Mama said…
Great job with the running!

Don't worry about the weight gain. I was warned ahead of time by several IRL marathon running friends that you always gain weight training for them because you are constantly hungry. I didn't, but only because I was really really vigilant with the scale.

Good luck with the 18 miles and the half marathon.
Velma said…
Good luck on the 18 - I will be running 18 on Saturday. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

BTW, your friend in St. Louis should stop by Fleet Feet or Big River Running. They are fantastic running stores and they have a lot of group runs. She should stop by my blog, and I can give her more info on running in the area.