Free Beer, Free Food, Free 5K and Healing

The cartoon says "Day after the marathon," but it could say "How Runnermom has been feeling for about three weeks!"

Then yesterday, I noticed that for the first time in a while, I am pain-free. The past month (101 miles so far in March!) has been hard on this nearly-40-year old body (38 and a half, but who's counting?).

I had run 27 miles, 25 miles (including a half-marathon race), and 30 miles the first three weeks of the month. I rolled my ankle for the 2nd time early in the month, and that mild sprain has been plaguing me ever since. Add to that sore knees and quads (from my 20-miler), and I was turning into somewhat of a mess. So, last week, I took it easy, I backed off. Those 15 miles went a long way toward HEALING my stressed body. I'm starting week 13 of 16 feeling well.

This afternoon, my running club had a free 5K called the Pub Run, or "Will Run for Beer." A few folks from the club and a bunch of other people (hel-lo, free STUFF!) showed up despite the weather. After a week or two of spring-like weather, we had 45 degrees and a wind chill of 39. It looked like it might rain at any second, but we still had a good crowd.

It is described as a non-competitive fun run, but there are always those who take it seriously. We had a casual "ready, set, go," and we were off. I should have warmed up. Starting at 5K race pace COLD is tough. I don't think I got my breathing under control until mile 2. I was happy to have an 8:43 first mile though! The other two miles were between 9 and 10 minute pace, and the last mile was UPHILL. Ok, maybe it was the last 1/2 mile. But the race definitely counts as my hillwork for the week! At the end, I went back down the hill and found my friend 1/2 mile back on the course and ran her in. Or should I say UP? So, I had exactly 4 miles total.

At the end, we got to exchange our race number for a free pint of the pub's own microbrews and enjoy yummy free appetizers. Free beer, free food, free 5K. Win, win, win. (If only I enjoyed beer more.... Sorry, MCM Mama!) But my glass of ice water was quite refreshing and the beer cheese dip was excellent.

It feels good to be pain-free--for now. I think my legs have finally recovered from that 20-miler. And I get to do ANOTHER 20-MILER this week. Yay.
Actually, I'm orchestrating a BIG training run this Saturday for everyone I know doing the half-marathon or marathon in 3 weeks. I'm recruiting a bunch of people to run, volunteers for aid stations, and basically a SUPPORT NETWORK to ensure we come through it together. When you are running for 3.5 hours, it's good to have people!


Bill said…
Glad to hear that the Pub Run had a good showing.

I didn't get off of work until 3pm, so there was no way I would have made it.

So I got my run in. Now to go get a beer...
MCM Mama said…
See, I think you just need an introduction to different beers. I bet you'd find something you like.

Sounds like a fun run and Go You with organizing the next 20 miler! I used my car as my water stop when I did mine. I parked it near a park with a bathroom and left a cooler with water and gatorade and did big loops around it LOL.
Jules said…
sounds fun!! :)