March Madness-- 104 miles

I ran a whopping 104 miles in March, shattering my previous record of .... 80. It's madness, I tell you! (And I was wondering why my body hurt!) If I never do another marathon, it will probably be the most miles of any month EVER.
Since it's spring break for the kiddos, we are going to a have a mini-vacation over the next two days. We have rented a cozy little cabin overlooking Kentucky Lake. I'll get to run my five-miler on Wednesday morning with a VIEW.

Have a great week! I'll be back to post about Saturday's 20-miler if not before.


Mama said…
Great job! Have fun!

MCM Mama
Lisa said…
Amazing... I don't think I'll ever reach that kind of mileage but it's inspiring nonetheless. Congratulations and enjoy your mini vacation.

Thanks for the comment on my blog... I'm icing as I type this :)
how pretty. I want to run there with you.... 104 miles is great. Way to go. Hope your 20 goes smooth this weekend. I have 20 on Friday. I didn't log very many miles last week, I hope My body wont feel it in the 20.
Tina said…
Congrats on covering over 100 miles this month! The cabin sounds great. Rest up for your "supported" 20 mile training run. What a great idea!
Jules said…
you are amazing...and such an inspiration.
Velma said…
Have a great rest, I can't belive that the marathon is so soon. I love that a quote inspired you to run a marathon - how fantastic. You are going to be great - 20 miles and then taper begins!
Congrats on the high month and have fun this week!