Mini-Taper and Rain Doesn't Scare Me!

I'm doing a little two-day mini-taper for Saturday's half-marathon. I ran 6 on Monday, 2 on Tuesday, and 4 on Wednesday for a total of 12 miles this week. Tomorrow, if all goes well, I'll run 13.1 more! Actually, I'm going to warm up and try to hit 14 at the end.

Last Saturday, I ran 6 at race pace and again on Monday and Wednesday, I ran at my projected race pace. (9:45 to 10:10)

I am READY. So, why aren't I more excited?

It could be this:

Tomorrow, most of the forecasts are calling for a 90% to 100% rain chance. That doesn't sound like there is much left to "chance" to me! The temp during race time will be the low to mid-forties. Could be worse....

I've run in the rain before. It was only 8 miles, but I was soaked. So, I kind of know what to expect and how to dress. The feet are the big problem. Running 8 in the rain left me with a few blisters. Thirteen might leave my feet in bad shape seven days before my first 20-miler. But, I'm not backing out (unless there is lightning). I paid $45 for this race, arranged childcare for my three rambunctious kids (grandpa), and know I've put in the training over the last four weeks to PR. Ok, maybe I am a LITTLE excited. :-) There's something magical about setting a Personal Record.

My goal is modest--- finish in under 2:15. Last time, I finished in 2:15:10. And there was gravel. Three miles of gravel. ALL uphill. (Maybe not all uphill, but MOSTLY uphill.)

My basic goal is 2:14:59. My if-it's-a-good-day goal is closer to 2:12 or 2:13. My awesome-everything-is-falling-into-place-day goal is 2:11 or less. (That's only 10-minute miles, people. Maybe it won't take much to have a freaking awesome day!)

If I have learned anything, putting unrealistic goals on myself leads to disappointment, depression, and anger at running. I've got no time to wallow--this marathon is in 42 days. So, with modest expectations, maybe I'll come away pleasantly surprised.


Bill said…
Dress to stay as warm and as dry as possible.

At last year's Tom King it was 38F and pouring rain. I never warmed up the entire race and actually ended up running a personal worst for the 13.1.

And there was lightning at the start. ;^) But nothing after the gun went off.

Have fun!
StangLuvr said…
At this point, I hope to be able to RUN the race. I have not ran this week to rest all my nagging injuries. I have the same goal as you as far as time. I would like to go under 2 hrs if I am not hurting. I would like a 9:15-9:30 pace. We will just have to pray for a miracle about the weather.
Lisa said…
I've been following your blog recently, stumbled upon it from another. Good luck in your race tomorrow. Your projected pace is my projected for a 10k I'm training for in May and then hopefully a half sometime later this year. So true about having realistic goals; I've finally realized that about myself. I compete with no one but myself, so I try not to put too much pressure on my shoulders. I'll be checking back for a race report. I bet you'll do great. Good luck!
good luck tomorrow women. I will be thinking of you while I am pounding out my 18 all alone. We just got a 1 yr old beagle and I have heard they CAN be good running partners. I am hoping to get her trained up by the end of the summer to run a little bit with me. ;)
StangLuvr said…
Yeah, that was me. I never heard you, sorry. While I was running, I was wondering if any of the ladies around me was you. I ended up having to walk 2 times to catch my breath. I think no running this week was the reason. I did fast walk once when I was eatting my 2nd pack of Jelly Bellys. I almost choked on one when I ate my 1st pack.

My Garmin had it at 13.23 miles. So my time is from it. I am not sure what my official time is yet. I punch start when I crossed the timing mat at the start. My watch was beeping the mile alert before every sign that was up showing mileage. I could see it up ahead, but something was off.