That Which Does Not Kill Me.... The Aftermath of 18 Miles

Hmmm.... how would I describe the aftermath of 18 miles?

Well, all afternoon/evening, I was stiff and sore. I was limping slightly because of my right ankle. I used RICE. My ice packs and ankle brace became my new best friends. I was cranky, too. On Thursday, the first few tentative steps out of bed were fairly unpleasant. After I moved around a bit, it got better. I decided to do some active recovery. I went to the Y and did 30 minutes on the elliptical. I did a little bit of arms and abs, too. About half-way through my arms and abs, however, I realized my energy was totally zapped, and I was ravenous. It had been about 3-4 hours since breakfast. A BIG lunch made me feel better.

On Friday, I started the day with some soreness, especially on the bottoms of my feet, so I soaked for about 30 minutes in a mineral sports bath. Then I took a total rest day (unless you count shopping as crosstraining?). I was still experiencing some residual fatigue. A big dinner of Mexican food---chips, cheese dip, taco, rice, and beans ended my day.

I woke up on Saturday GOOD AS NEW. The turning point must have occurred during the night. I met some friends for a 5-mile run. We ran right at or under a 10-minute pace for the first four (including hills) and I ran the 5th mile in 8:59. And that included two good-sized hills. Boo--Ya. Then I came in and did one more mile on my treadmill starting around a 10-minute pace and finishing at a 9:00 minute pace again.

Six miles in about 59 minutes is good for me ANY DAY, but only three days after running 18 and turning my ankle? That's phenomenal. So, I guess it's true, "That which does not kill me only makes me stronger."


StangLuvr said…
I'm glad your recovered fast. Maybe it was the ice bath!!!

Let's see how I feel after 14 miles today that included the 11.2 mile loop at PWP today. I did brave an ice bath when I got home. They still suck, but hope it works.
Stacey said…
That is great! You are doing awesome! Mexican food and sleep always does the trick for me! Have a nice weekend!
def sleeping and eating some much needed protein and carbs makes me feel better too.
Amy said…
Awesome and soooo hardcore! Nice work!
ROCK ON!!!!! You're doing SO awesome!
Velma said…
Funny 18 mile report! I am glad you feel better. I am also a bit sore from the 18, but I am on the mend. I didn't do the ice bath this time, but they are much better in the summer. i do love my old lady compression socks for the winter :)
Run Mommy said…
You are getting so close now! I am excited to see someone else cross the Marathon finish line for the first time. Keep up the great work - almost there!
Laura Lohr said…
Good call on the mineral sports bath. I stuck my feet and ankles in the ice bath and that was painful enough, without covering the other parts with cold water.

You are ready for that marathon now, with 45 days left! WTG! :)