Counting Down....

We are in the single digits now---9 days! I've been reading a lot of marathon memorabilia/t-shirts at . There's one shirt that says, "The woman who begins the race is not the same as the woman who finishes the race." I'm not sure I feel that is true, but I guess I'll find out on race day. That is kind of how I felt when I did my first 20-miler. I cried like a baby running those last few steps because I DID IT! I did something I wouldn't have thought possible just a few months ago.

Another one I liked goes something like: Mile 22-- I thought I was going to die. Mile 24-- I was dead. Mile 26-- I was really dead. Mile 26.2-- I realized I was too tough to kill.

That's really what this marathon stuff boils down to. How tough am I? How far can I push my body?
The good thing is I've put in all the training. I'm not missing a SINGLE MILE from my training plan. In fact, I think I'm about four miles over.

I've done all the research. I've read the following:
4 months to a 4-Hour Marathon (not recommended)
UltraMarathon Man
Run Your First Marathon: Everything You Need to Know to Make It to the Finish Line
26.2 Marathon Stories
The Runners' World Complete Guide to Running (great book)
Hal Higdon's Running a Marathon
Running for Mortals
Marathon Training by Joe Henderson
Jeff Galloway's Marathon Training Plan
??? another one I borrowed from my friend Carol but can't remember the title

I've even supplemented with core work and arm/shoulder work since these areas are important on long runs, too.

So, taper brain is setting in and I'm starting to ask the question: Am I really ready?

Right now I'm honestly looking at the marathon as another long training run. A 26.2 mile one. I found myself overwhelmed at the thought of running 20, but by breaking it down into little parts, I found it was tough, but doable. The key for me is going to be to RUN SMART: don't get caught up in the excitement and go out too fast; walk through water stops and stay hydrated; don't put too much pressure on myself about a particular finish time.


Lisa said…
I am excited for you! Wow... you obsess more than I do. LOL. You're going to do great!

Don't forget your electrolytes (however you like to get them). I have heard too many horror stories about too MUCH water.

woo hoo! You're almost there!
You def have all the knowledge. You are so ready. I am excited for you. I agree... run smart... don't go out to fast. You never want to run the first half faster then the sec half. That is what happend to me when I ran Boston last year.... Yikes... Not a good race for me. Got excited and died.....
I'll add my advice. It's my catchphrase, really: Run your own race. Don't get caught up by what anyone else is doing. Just run your own race!

You'll do great!
Velma said…
Oh yeah ... you're ready!!!
Bill said…
Definitely ready.

And make sure you don't get caught in the moment and take off at the start. It'll be easy to do.
Bill said…
And if you're looking for some good fun, a week later give the Clarksville Multisport Duathlon a look.

It starts/ends at the winery and is a fun race. It would be good to get the cobwebs out of the legs.

But the reality may surprise you, since you'll likely still be quite fit from all of your training and be able to bust out a great race.
MCM Mama said…
You are going to rock!
Jules said…
So proud of you...I can't believe it is almost here. Just reading you saying you cried when you fninshed your 1st 20 miler made ME tear up. LOL
Anonymous said…
I am so excited for you! I can't wait to hear how you do. I hope the next 9 days go by fast for you. Good luck!
Legs and Wings said…
Rock on! You'll do well, I know this.