I am alive! (barely) My finish was 5:16 or 5:17---no official results yet. That's me in the middle with the two-handed wave and the big smile. It was early--like mile 1. There is a shadow that makes it look suspiciously like I had peed my pants. I had not.

OMG it was hot. It was 91 on the pavement when I finished.

I knew by mile 4 it was going to be a painful day. It was 68 or 70 at the start, not a cloud in the sky. And the HILLS. Oh. my.

I was struggling at mile 11 at the division of the half-marathoners and marathoners. I briefly considered a half-marathon today! However, I kept going, made a friend named Carol and she saved me. Carol and I ran miles 12-26 together. It was her 2nd marathon. We also picked up Phil at 13 and he stayed with us until about 21 when we lost him at a water stop. I got my second wind at 13 and miles 13-20 were not too painful.

Miles 20-26, when it was already above 85 degrees were walk/run miles. I knew my time goal was shot and I just decided to enjoy the day. I had good spirits after the low point at mile 11. I think I was kind of lonely in miles 1-11.

I will NOT do the Country Music Marathon again. It was too hilly and is too late in April. I can see doing another marathon somewhere flat and cool though.

I'll have a better post after my ice bath and my nap!


Lisa said…
Yippee!!! congratulations! You did it! Wow... 91. That is HOT.

I bet your kids are proud of you! I hope that you feel great tomorrow.
Stacey said…
Woo hoo! I am living vicariously through you right now! Congratulations on your first marathon! I did my 1st in 5:15 as well. 91...that is crazy hot in April! Well done. Bask in your glory! and have a great weekend! Congrats again!!!!!!
Mama said…
Congratulations!!! Great job!

Can't wait to hear all the details.

WTG on finishing on such a hot day!

MCM Mama
Erica said…
WOW! Congratulations a full marathon amazing, here I am just working up to finishing my first 5k. Congratulations again maybe 1 day I'll be doing marathons
Carol said…
Love the post, especially the stuff about me! :) Tell Phil hi for me, and wish he could have seen that glorious finish with us.