My 80-Degree Marathon and Nate's 5K Debut

After a cool spring here in Tennessee, the forecast for Friday and Saturday involves lows in the 50's and highs in the 80's. At least it won't be 80 at 7:30 a.m., but by 11:30 or 12 when I am still going like the Energizer Bunny, it may be relatively hot. This is, of course, throwing a wrench in my wardrobe choice (tank and capris with big pockets for my p, b, and honey sandwich) and my peace of mind.... Should I stick with the capris I wore in all of my long runs--breathable, Nike dry-fit capris-- or switch to the untested running skirt or shorts??? Would I rather have potential chafing or be burning up?

Oh, and my husband woke up hoarse and stuffed up with a cold this morning. Nice. I probably shouldn't have had those sips of his soda last night.

This week, I'm taking vitamin C supplements daily. I'm not drinking after any of my little people or my husband. I'm going to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. I'm going to start upping carbs Wednesday evening, Thursday, and Friday. I'm going to bed 15-30 minutes early every night. Any other suggestions?

I only have 9 miles on my schedule this week. I enjoyed 3 yesterday when my son and I ran a local 5K together. He's 8 and has lately shown an interest in running, so it was his 5K debut. He had never actually run 3 miles before yesterday, but he has been training once a week after school. I think his longest run was probably around 2 miles. The Queen City Road Race has a difficult, hilly course. I was nervous for him. I told my husband that best-case-scenario, we'd finish in about 35 minutes. If things didn't go well, it would be more like 45. Well, my baby came in at 32:44! We walked a lot of the hills, but when he wasn't walking, he was running a 10-minute pace or faster. At the end, when we finished on the track at the local college, that little guy was going around a 6:24 pace, according to my Garmin.

When he kicked it in the last .1 or so, I could barely keep up. I was so proud. I was yelling, "Nathaniel, you are FLYING!" as the tears welled in my eyes. I felt like this FIRST 5K would open up a whole world for him as it did for me a year and a half ago. I missed out on running for the first 36 years of my life. He won't have to!


Jules said…
you crazy lady...go ahead and test the skirt...don't wear it in the race if you haven't used it already. That could be trouble. PLUS, 50's earlier in the day? it prob won't be 80 by the time you finish. I would think capris would be ok.

AND, I read this on a runnig site...have you ever taken those Smuckers Uncrustables with you ona run? PB&J all sealeed up in a little pocket and in their own individual baggie....great to add some sugar and carbs & protein to your run...and easy to carry!
Jules said…
and SOOO great about his run...made me cry reading it. Kids are FAST I tell you. I was running w/ OG the other day just around in the hood and she was trying to smoke me.
hoe great is it about your little guy. Way to go. I was grinning from ear to ear while reading.

I am with you on the attire for Sat. I think we will have similar weather here. I am planning on shorts and a short sleave short. I wear a little kind of fanny pack thing made for running. That is what I put all my stuff in. It hold just enough. I dont think it would hold a PB& honey sandwich though. I have never eaten real food while running, I stick with Roctane GU... it works for me.
Good luck on Sat.
Bethany said…
I say go with what is familiar! I am a capri kinda girl... I think you will be fine if you have a tank on under a top layer or something to that sorts.

What an exciting 5k! So proud of both of you, You for encouraging him and him for doing it! Sounds like you are ready...
tamara said…
Something tells me you will cherish that memory of running with your little man FOREVER. Maybe even more than finishing your first marathon... that is such a cool thing to do together! Good luck this weekend!! I'll be thinking about you!
Lisa said…
Good luck in your race. Any chance you can try out the running skirt before hand? I would rather be a little cold in the morning and cool later on than warm in the morning and hot later on. How exciting that your son ran with you. My 9 year old daughter started running with us last year and has run 2 5k's so far, the last one just yesterday. Kids ARE fast. She came in a few seconds behind me and that's with taking walking breaks (I took none)! Its nice to be able to share something with them that is fun and healthy.
My advice is to wash your hands like crazy this week, to avoid germs!

On the attire, I'd test the skirt and maybe go w/that if it tests OK. Good luck!
Bethany said…
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! There is a reason you are in my life...

Ok it is a funny story, go here:

I think it is like 5!
Cyndi said…
I love this story! My middle daughter will be 10 next month, and she is always asking when my 'next race' is so she can do the kids run. (and get the tee shirt, lol) I think she will be my runner girl, and I never thought about her running the actual 5K. She would smoke me for sure! But I would love it! I may start to encourage her - she is my 'accident' prone child (her xray file takes up way too much shelf space at the hospital), but it seems like running would be the 'safest' way for her to burn off some energy.

I have a couple other blog friends that are running Nashville this weekend! I'm so excited for every one! (and jealous because I'm a big country music fan!)

Sorry to take up so much space ;-)
Bill said…
Don't worry, you aren't the only one. I'm still trying to figure out what I'll wear too.

One other thing to consider (depending on how much you sweat) is to increase your salt intake while you up your carbs Wed-Fri. It may help you fend off cramps in the closing miles.
It kinda drives me crazy how kids can run SO fast without much training at all!

And yet .. how wonderful to run that race with your guy and see him kick it in the end. Remember that burst of energy for your big race day!

On the clothing front, I have lately been dressing much lighter. I'd rather be a little chilly. I'd probably avoid anything new and go with a comfy pair of already-broken-in shorts or tights, a light top and a throw-away-able old long sleeve shirt for the first couple of miles. Everyone's different though and your own instinct is probably best though.

It's getting so exciting...!
MCM Mama said…
WTG to your little man! My oldest is 7 and I'm hoping to get him running with me soon.

I'd probably go with the capris if they are fairly light weight. I ran my marathon in a shirt that I hadn't worn before and while I had no issues, it totally added to my stress levels LOL.

You're getting so close!
Legs and Wings said…
My two oldest sons ran a 5K a few years ago and it was so much fun to 'watch them fly'. Love this post.

Lisa said…
Sorry to chime in so late! Do yourself a favor and STOP taking the vitamin C. I know you have less than 24 hours to go, but there is time to get it out of your system. I double dosed on vitamin C before my marathon and ended up with tummy issues. I found out later that vit. C can contribute to that. I hope you avoided the bug!

I loved to read about your son!! My oldest is 5 1/2 and I can't wait for him to ask me to run. They have a running club at the school where he will start next year and I'm hoping he joins.