Race Goals Mini-Post

1. To finish.
2. To not have a heat stroke in the 80-degree weather. Chicago 2007, anyone???
3. To run smart. Pace myself, walk through water stations, drink plenty of fluids, to NOT hit the wall. I'm claiming it. There will be no wall-hitting.

But under 5 hours would be nice. With the weather, though, all bets are off.

THANK YOU TO ALL YOU MARATHONERS AND FUTURE MARATHONERS AND FELLOW MOMS who have encouraged me, given me invaluable advice, and just taken a minute to read the random thoughts I put on here. I'll be thinking about you all on Saturday!


Mama said…
Good luck!!!! Definitely stay hydrated. Can't wait to hear your report.

MCM Mama
Stacey said…
Good luck and have fun. Can't wait to read about it!
Mrs. Bear said…
Good luck! You are so prepared, you are going to rock it!

Laura Lohr (lauralohr.com)
Just keep one thing in mind....

The Training is always the hardest part. And that is finished, so just enjoy your first 26.2.
Yes, the heat is going to suck rocks, but you will do great. You are so ready and prepared, don't make yourself to nervous.

I will be thinking about you on Sat morning as well. We are an hour ahead of you and my race starts at 7:30. but I will be thinking about you all morning.
Jules said…
I am so excited for you I feel like I am running it myself!! :)
Amy said…
GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited for you! You are going to do great. You've trained smart and now it's just time to trust in your training and in yourself and coast into the finish line. Once you step on that mat... you'll be a different person: a marathoner!!!! (But, honestly... it's the training that makes you a marathoner, not the race).

I'll be out there cheering on 17th Avenue right past the redlight at Edgehill on the righthand side. I'll have water, gatorade, some gu and shotblox, so don't hesitate to hit me up if you need anything.

Enjoy it... you only have one first ;)
Lisa said…
I am pretty sure a sub-five is in your future. I think your main goals, however, are very smart.

I can't wait to read your race report. Good luck!!