Sixteen Days???? Gulp.

Wow, the marathon is only 16 days away. Time is flying by.

I got my "Final Confirmation" e-mail today. I even got my race number--16233. I'm starting in the 16th corral (staggered start), so my 7:00 a.m. race is really going to start more like 7:30 or 7:35. Last year, I started in corral 17 and was so frustrated by all the people walking that I planned to *fudge* my projected finish time this year so I could avoid the walkers. The walkers wore numbers from later corrals, but had the gall to place themselves up in the 2:30 half-marathon finishers. It was so annoying!

However, if I fudged my time and placed myself up several corrals, am I any better? So, I was honest and put myself in the best-case-scenario 4:30 corral. At least the walkers might help me not to start out too fast! I'd love to run negative splits, but in a marathon, that is seriously unlikely. Nearly everyone slows down in those last six miles.

At least in the 4:30 corral, I'll have the 4:30 pace bunny and pace group to keep me company (until they leave me behind....). By the way, a 4:30 finish is a 10:18 average pace. I don't think that's really going to happen. I could maintain that for the first, say, 15 miles, but 26.2? Unlikely. But the 4:45 finish? That's something like a 10:53 pace. Now you're talking!


Bethany said…
How exciting :) The has passed quickly and I think you are ready. Way to stay strong and committed through all of your training!
I was out running 6 miles this morning and I was thinking about you. I had the thought that it was 16 days away, and I thought about my first full and how exciting this part is. It made me think of you. Even though we are running different races on the same day, I am so going to be thinking about you while I am running my Ky derby marathon.
Don't think about what won't happen! I've always found that you run faster in races so if you're running with the 4:30 pacer, you could cross the line in 4:30.

Enjoy your taper!
Bill said…
Ahhh, the walkers. At last year's inaugural "26.2 With Donna" in Jacksonville, several walkers seeded themselves at the very front of the pack and walked side by side after the gun went off.

I don't recall too many issues with last year's CMM. But if I recall correctly, I was in corral #6. This year I'm in #9, with the same expected finish time. Should be interesting.

And what's with all this negative talk? You signed up for the 4:30 group, you'll finish in 4:30.

You did the right thing. You put down your goal finishing time, even if you think it was a bit of a reach. That's the idea - reach, extend and grow!
Anonymous said…
Just enjoy your race girl! 16 days - woo-hoo! :-)
Velma said…
Great race number. A bunch of my friends are coming down to race the half. It is going to be a great time. I think that you are being very realistic with your race time. Just plan to have a A (finish), B (realistic goal), and C (best case scenario) goal. Have fun!
Anonymous said…
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Here's some unsolicited advice I myself have a VERY hard time taking: don't worry about your finish time! You're in uncharted territory and wherever you finish will be an incredible accomplishment.

Sooooo exciting! What's the Country Music Marathon supposed to be like?
Stacey said…
I am so excited for you! Don't worry too much about time on your first marathon, just have fun and enjoy it!
Good luck!