Ten Toes, Nine Toenails

Whoo-hoo! I. HAVE. ARRIVED. I guess I'm a real runner/marathoner, now. (And just in time for sandal season!)

For those of you this has happened to before--how long does it take to look normal again? I got the sore toenail on a five-mile run in mid-February (blasted Mizuno Wave Nirvanas!), and it took two months for it to actually fall off. Is the hard thing growing underneath in a new nail? Or is the nailbed itself hard? Do you just paint the nailbed? Is this going to cause me pain/problems on race day in 11 days?????

My hubby is strangely proud as well as creeped out.


Bill said…
LOL. Dunno. I've never had the problem.

Although I've sported only nine nails for the past 15 years. One was surgically removed and the bed killed so it would never grow back.

With only 11 days left, you'll want to protect it on race day. A bit of Neosporin and a bandage held by just enough sports tape. Not too much or you'll cause other problems.
RunnerDude said…
I had that happen to one toe on my first marathon back in 1997. Hate to say, but it's never looked "normal" again. LOL! It's my runner's trophy. LOL! I discovered that I got my "black toe" from having shoes that were too small. Live and learn.
NY Wolve said…
Welcome...I popped my first nail clean off on a training run years ago, and it came off when I jumped into the pool. It took about 3 months to grow back. Shouldn't cause any problems, if anything, its better because have no issue with crowding or pain. Cant help you on painting LOL. Good luck!
Stacey said…
LOL! You have arrived! Like RunnerDude, mine has never looked the same either. Every once in awhile I will get another little blister, the hubby pops it for me and cuts the old nail back..good as new. I am proud of my runner toe! And yes, I have painted the nail bed. ( :
Good luck.
Wendy said…
I've had this happen too and it does little a different, but I'm the only one that notices.

It's been fun following along your journey to the marathon!
Terri said…
I've never lost a toenail from running so I can't help you there. But one of my daughters lost one from dropping something on her toe and she had that same hard thing, it did seem to be the new nail growing in.
I must say your attitude really made me laugh.
Looking forward to hearing all about your marathon!
Jules said…
lol...do I paint the nail bed...that was funny...and I would say YES GIRL!!
tamara said…
You just gave me the heeby-jeebies... and it takes a lot to do that to me. GOOD LUCK.

By the way - I would definitely just paint right over it.
I just paint the nail bed... LOL-

My toe have never looked the same. They are U-G-L-Y. LOL

I seem to have a reall problem with this though... Every race I lose a toe nail. I have three missing now from my Feb Marathon. I don't think it will hurt during the race.. mine don't
Velma said…
Way to go! Toenails are for sissies :) I have lost one, and it always seems to be bruised. Remember to put body glide on your feet for race day and you should be fine! Enjoy the taper.
Anonymous said…
Lol, congratulations? I don't know. I have a couple toenails that got pretty discolored, but they don't look like they are going to fall off. Good luck to you on your race. Can't wait to hear how you do.
Tina said…
Here's what I do when I get a black toenail: nothing. I've found I don't need to do a thing to it except to keep it trimmed. They don't bother me at all when I run. So if yours is like mine: no worries!