Peaks and Valleys

Running is such a peaks and valleys kind of sport. Coming off a great run, you can have three horrible ones. Or on a day you don't even feel like being out there at all, a great run will pull you right out of the funk you're in.

I definitely know which part I'm experiencing right now! After the marathon, which I suppose was the pinnacle of twenty-two months of running, I've been trapped in a valley. My legs are not cooperating. They are slow and tired. I'm plagued with random aches and pains as I run. Having remained mostly injury-free, constantly gaining momentum in terms of speed and distance over nearly two years, to be going in reverse is, well, a bit hard to take.

So if I'm a little quiet on here, you'll know why.


hang in there girl.. your body will snap out of it soon... if not, maybe your iron is low or something crazy like that. I have been thinking about having my Thyroid checked...... my mom has Graves disease and my girl friend who has a lot of the same symptoms as me, was just diagnosed with it as well.... you just never know.
Mama said…
It'll come back. It took me a couple of months to get back in the swing of things after my marathon. Heck it took me almost three weeks to come back from two half marathons in two weekends. Just keep on running and one day things will click again.

MCM Mama
Congrats on your marathon! I am training for my first one in November. I am so scared, but very excited!
Bethany said…
Maybe it's time to pick out another race of some sort. Having a goal is always inspiring to me. (Even if I don't do the race) You will get back into, just listen to your body!

Hope you had a fabulous vacation!
Lisa said…
Sorry to hear that. What a bummer. Well, all I can say is to keep your muscles moving and stay active. Your body is in a funk right now but it'll wake up soon. Good luck!
Jules said…
I can imagine that it DOES suck. hang in there. Even us small runners who run small races have that...I can run 6 one day adn then another day 1.5 kills me. What si up w/ that??

Hope your vayvay was fun. Let us know about it.
Sorry to hear you're in a valley. They can seem sooo deep sometimes, can't they?

Maybe you need a really exciting goal? Something not speed-related but some other kind of running accomplishment? Maybe a different distance, or a run with a friend who's a new runner ... you'll figure it out.