Sports Bra as Outer Wear: A Do or a Don't?

Let me start by saying IT'S HOT down here in the South (can I get an "Amen!" from my southern buddies?). As I write, it's 84 and humidity is 61%, and this is a MILD day in our most pleasant summer month.

I went out and bought a new sports bra today. It's light purple and dark purple striped. I'm thinking the stripes give it credibility as outerwear, no? Otherwise, what's the point? My stretched out, stained, slightly discolored white running bra....not so much.

Last week in Florida, I ran on the beach in a sports bra with no self consciousness whatsoever. Of course, I also traversed that same beach in a bikini. Now that I'm back in my conservative home state, in my fairly small town, in my lovely, but rather close-knit neighborhood, I'm not so sure....

I mean, if I looked like THIS, I'd be a little more confident:

But I'm a normal person, not an elite athlete. My midsection after three pregnancies is ok, not too roly-poly, and about three shades lighter than the rest of me. (A little self-tanner can take care of that.)

Then I see THIS picture of kind of regular-looking runners, and I think, there's nothing wrong with a sports bra as outerwear.

They look very appropriate.

But can I get up the nerve to run on the road technically in my undies?? I dunno. What do ya'll think? Is it a DO or a DON'T? Would you run in your neighborhood or along the roads in your town in just your sports bra?


Lisa said…
I've had the same debate with myself. The only time I really ran in just a sports bra was out in our canyon on an 18 mile trail run. I didn't expect to see anyone.

I know I would look fine, but I keep thinking that people are going to say "who does she think she is?"

I keep telling myself that as soon as I get a cute bra/shorts combo that looks like outerwear, I'll take it down to my regular running path. You found a cute one... so go for it. Pave the way for running moms everywhere. :-)
Jules said…
i say go for it. I used to do ti when I was a sz 4. LOL Not so much anymore. But it is pretty much the norm! Maybe you will starta trend!
Laurie said…
I've had the same dilemma, which usually ends up with me wearing a tank top over my sports bra then taking it off on the few part of my run where I know I won't run into anyone I know. Lately, though, as the temperature/humidity begins to rise I've started to convince myself that I don't care what others think and the only time I really feel uncomfortable is if I get stuck at a traffic intersection and I'm just kind of standing there for all to see.

I think if it makes your run more comfortable then it's a definite do. If nothing else, if you start to feel self-conscious then it will just make you run that much faster.
Mama said…
Go for it! A lot of people around here run that way.

I don't, mostly because I don't find a technical tee in a light color that much hotter and I have really pale skin, so any help I get in the sunblock arena is a bonus.

MCM Mama
Anonymous said…
Give it a try on a short run and see if you are comfortable. If you are self-conscious the entire run, then you don’t have to do it again. But if you feel comfortable then go for it!
tamara said…
Go for it - you look tiny... it's not like you would gross anyone out or anything. To answer your question, we were at Orange Beach. And I saw lots of runners in sports bras.
Betsy said…
It's getting hot enough here in the Midwest that I suddenly become a little less self-conscious, despite my lack of resemblance to Kara Goucher.

Still, it's adding motivation to work on my core!
Anonymous said…
Been having this dilemma myself. It took me quite a while just to work up to wearing tanks outside. I bought a striped sports bra yesterday actually and still haven't made up my mind if I feel comfortable enough to wear it outside.