13.1 --- Halfway There!

I just finished the last of my 30 miles for the week. I tried something new..... I had my long run on Friday of 13.1, THEN ran 4.5 today instead of taking the day off. I have ALWAYS taken the day after a long run off, but this week, it didn't work out since I had to "work" by running with my half-marathon group (I ran 3.5 miles of their 4 miles) and then the Couch to 5K group (2 miles) this morning. And you know what, it wasn't bad! I felt some fatigue in my legs and had to work harder than usual to maintain my pace in the beginning, but it wasn't terribly painful or anything, especially after I was warmed up. (In the first half-mile, my right hip ached, but then it stopped.) The miles with the Couch to 5K included a 5 minute warm up, jog 90 seconds, walk 60 seconds for about 25 minutes, then a 5 minute cool down. I actually felt really good when I finished. I read somewhere about a training program that has you do a 5-mile tempo run the day after your long runs to teach you to run on tired legs. I can see how that might be beneficial (or on the other hand.... overtraining!).

The 13.1 yesterday was a bit of a different story. We didn't get started yesterday until we had dropped the kids off at school, so it was 8:30 a.m. Our cool weather has left us, so it was already hot and humid. I felt ok for about the first 7 or 8 miles, then it became a bit of a struggle and we found ourselves taking more and more walk breaks. I had company for most of the miles--- one friend was with me for the first 4 and another through the first 11. I did the last couple on my own and they were tough! I was really fatigued and feeling the heat. (It was about 81 degrees by then.) Time and miles both seemed to be going by very slowly.

I also had something unusual---a cramp. It seemed at to be at the bottom of my rib cage on the right and then later kind of extended around my ribcage to include the front. I guess it was my diaphragm? It wasn't intestinal, it seemed to be related to my breathing. It hung around for about four miles and only stopped at mile 11 when I had to stop by my car and refill my water bottles. I guess taking that little break helped.

I've got 31 miles to run in the coming week, including a 14-miler next Saturday. Then it's a slightly lower mileage recover week (with 27 which still sounds like a lot!). But, mileage-wise, at least I'm half-way to 26.2 with 13 weeks to go!


Meg Runs said…
Sometimes our bodies just suprise us! Great job on running the back to backs, you sound strong! That was weird about the cramp, never had one of those there!
StangLuvr said…
good job with training the new runners and with your training. I have started trying to run 2 or 3 miles after a long run. I got 10 miles in Monday, but was not able to run Tuesday. I am inching my way up the weekly mileage ladder. Might get to do the Rocket City Marathon in Dec.
Lisa said…
Great job!! I think it is important to let your running be flexible around life and commitments. It sounds like it is working fine for you.

If you get a cramp like that, try putting your arm on your head while you run. It looks silly, but it works sometimes.

How many miles will you be doing for your peak?
NY Wolve said…
I think mentoring other runners is a great thing. Hopefully they can draw on your inspiration and discover what we all love about it!

For cramps, I have always been told to breate deep and hold up the diaphragm muscle with my right hand as I run. Seems to work for me...