I ran a strong 13.5 miles today. Unfortunately, my run was 16 miles. :0)

I had forgotten how the last couple of miles feel in a long run. Now it's all coming back to me..... Everything is fine up to a point, then the last few miles are all mental. Everything aches. Stopping to walk makes it ache more. You keep moving, but it's really about survival.

I'm pretty sure my muscles ran out of glycogen today. I only took one GU at about the 6 or 7 mile mark. (I had brought two, but my friend didn't have one, so I gave one to her. That's how I roll.) I would have probably felt a little better at the end if I'd ingested two GU. But my knees and hips still would have ached.

But the first 13 felt great! I still feel like I've turned a corner in this training. I felt energetic, even speedy-ish. The higher protein, higher carbs, higher calorie diet is really working for me!

I'm also experimenting with a new SUPPLEMENT called glutamine. I started taking it on Monday. It is an amino acid that helps prevent overtraining syndrome by helping your muscles recover after a long, exhaustive run and it also can improve immune system function after such a run. In the midst of this marathon training and the H1N1 pandemic, it seemed like a no-brainer!

What other supplements do you marathoners take? Creatine scares me a little. I associate it with professional baseball players and bodybuilders. Makes me think I might start sprouting chest hair. Or testicles.


Meg Runs said…
Yep, those last few weeks before the marathon are so hard!
Supplements? I take Udo's Oil(3-6-9 Fatty Acid)Blend.
I also take a multi-vitamin. I've tried lots of other things over the years but not too sure they did much!
Stacey said…
I take a multivitamin and fish oil. I also use NoXplode every morning. It's a creatine that helps with blood flow during exercise. I found it to be a great supplement for me AND I haven't sprouted testicles...yet. ( : I also take protein shakes.
Have a great weekend.
Legs and Wings said…
I haven't checked in with you for awhile. Congratulations on your running success! You've come so far...and just wait, because your 40's and 50's will be your best running years!

As for supplements. I don't bother...just try and eat the right stuff to provide the right fuel. Lots of water.
NY Wolve said…
I take a multivitamin, GSM (the G is glutamine) and fish oil. And Quercetin. I have no idea if any of them do anything for me.

But I haven't had a serious injury in over 6 months, so I'll keep it up.
Teamarcia said…
Congrats on the strong 13+!; )
I am all about the glutamine. I agree it helps recovery a lot. I also take Quercetin, Bromelain,, CoQ10 and fish oil.
Took creatine for a very short time (less than a week) felt very strong but started gaining weight so ixnay on that.
Betsy said…
I take a multivitamin, then, because I have iron deficiency anemia, iron, B-12, and vitamin-C (which aids iron absorbtion).