The Turnaround

I love running an out-and-back course. It's always tough until you get to the turnaround, but then you know you are half-way done. My spirits immediately lift on the return trip.

I feel like I've passed the turnaround with marathon training. I have 10 more training weeks before the week of the BIG RACE. After some changes in my diet and training regimen last week, I had a GREAT 12-mile run on Saturday. I felt like my old self for the first time in months. I ran a good pace and felt strong. What I did differently this week:

1. I really focused on hydrating and protein intake last week, in addition to getting plenty of carbs.
2. I cross trained lightly, which was as much a mental break as anything. I rode a stationary bike 4 miles (I did say lightly!) on Friday, the day before my long run.
3. I took a day off in the middle of the week (Wednesday), instead of the two-mile run on my schedule.
4. I ran a new route.
5. I ran with a new running buddy.
6. I got in bed by 10:00 p.m. every night except two. (Still an improvement!)

I hope I've reached a milestone in this training. The fatigue that had been dogging me has lifted, and I'm feeling more positive about the marathon.

This last half of training is the FUN PART. There is something very challenging, but invigorating about every run over 14 miles. Everything over 14 feels like an ADVENTURE. A painful adventure, but an adventure nonetheless! The best over-14 mile runs are done with a friend and involve lots of laughter (and for me last time, lots of mishaps).

The last half also is when the BUILD UP RACES start. In a month, I'm running the Music City Half-Marathon in Nashville as a part of a 20-miler. My friend and I are getting up early and driving an hour to Nashville, running 3 miles, running the HALF-MARATHON, then running 4 more miles. How fun is that?

Then, a few weeks later, my training AND my coaching will be put to the test with the Clarksville Half-Marathon. I know my group is going to do wonderfully, I'm just wondering how many of them will beat me! (I'll be a little broken down from my two 20-milers in the 3 weeks before!)
I'll also be so happy for the Couch to 5Kers finish their first race.

So, really, I guess the FUN IS JUST BEGINNING!


Meg Runs said…
You have a great attitude, it's contagious. Hope it goes well!
you are on the home stretch! Keep up the good work
keep up the good work. You are doing great.
Smart changes! Glad you found the fun in running again!
Mama said…
Glad you are feeling better and having fun! Enjoy the rest of the training.

MCM Mama