And Then When It All Falls Apart....

Nothing makes you appreciate the great runs like a REALLY, REALLY BAD one. (Did I mention it was REALLY bad?) I knew the minute I titled last weeks' post "When Things Come Together" that today's title was in my near future. That's just how the runner's life works.

Everything fell apart on Saturday's 12-miler that wound up being 13 miles. It was pathetic. After 5.5 miles, I took walk breaks CONSTANTLY. My hips hurt. My knees hurt. I was nauseated. I was exhausted. (And I didn't even go out too fast or anything.) I had a bad attitude. I guess it was good for my training group to see that everyone has a bad day from time to time. (Many of them ROCKED their first 12-mile run! I was so happy for them despite my own misery!)

I have many REASONS/EXCUSES as to why the run was so bad:
  • First, I set myself up for failure by running stupidly all week. By "stupidly," I mean I did speed intervals with people from my training groups on Monday and Wednesday, then a tempo run on Thursday. Instead of taking a rest day on Friday, I ran 2.5 more miles. Oh, and to add a dash of crazy in there, I did all those runs in OLD shoes. In an effort to save money, I decided to save my good shoes for the marathon and do my training runs in my old shoes. I need to just pay the $85 that Road Runner Sports has my New Balance 1225's on sale for!
  • I also got lazy with my diet this week. I skimped on protein and iron and fresh produce. I ate junk.
  • I forgot to make sleep a priority and fell into my old habit of staying up too late.
  • It was a SERIOUSLY hilly course. Up and down. Up and down. For 13 miles.
  • I got a flu shot on Friday. Could that have anything to do with it?
After finishing the first 11 miles, I went back out to find the last few runners from my group to make sure they were ok. (Everyone else had finished.) I continued to run/walk. I found the last runner 1 mile out and ran her in, which is how my 12 became 13. Twelve horrible miles, thirteen horrible miles---what's the difference?

By the end I felt like I had been hit by a truck. Definitely flu-ish, but it's hard to go to the doctor and say, "I'm having body aches. Oh, incidentally, I ran 13 miles before I came here." So I went home and climbed under the covers. After an hour of rest, I still felt pretty bad.

I developed a terrible headache and noticed my upper teeth hurt as I was eating lunch and dinner. Finally, at 7:00 p.m., I went to the doctor. Turns out I had a sinus infection. I got some Augmentin, and I feel much better.

So, what caused the REALLY, REALLY bad run? Probably a number of things. Hopefully the next long one will go better----especially since it's the Music City Half Marathon next Sunday!

I was going to treat it like a training run and do 3 before and 4 after for my first 20-miler. However, now I think I'm going to run 1 mile before to warm up, 13 during, and 4 after for a total of 18 instead of 20. That's going to put me down to only 2 20's before the marathon (instead of the 3 I'd planned), but I'm ok with that. I'd rather be able to run the race as a RACE than a training run since I paid $50!


Lisa said…
Oh what a bummer but isn't that how it is? Seems to me that there is always a good run after a bad run so that MUST mean that your marathon will be GREAT!

It does sound like you did way too much. And don't skimp on the shoes. I just paid $122 for a new pair and while I hate the thought of spending that much on shoes, it was so worth it. Pain free runs are priceless. Road Runner is having their Super Secret sale right now, for only another week or so, so get down there and get the shoes.

Hope you are feeling better and good luck this weekend.
Meg Runs said…
OMG, poor girl, you were sick! Plain and simple! Hope you're better this week, don't be too hard on yourself!
Sounds rough! But it sounds like a smart idea to save those extra miles for after your half marathon. Hope you get lots of rest this week and have a great run at the half marathon!
Ugh. Runs like that stink. But, like you said, they make you appreciate the good ones.

TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF!! You don't want to end up getting really, really sick.
Mama said…
Get some new shoes! You are running a lot of miles, don't risk injury!

Sorry the run sucked. We all have them. It makes the good ones all that much sweeter.

MCM Mama