How I Spent My 5.5 Mile Run Today

I was not feeling really motivated to run this morning despite the nice weather. I'm still recovering from my 18-miler and race on Sunday, and I knew I'd better take it slow and easy. So, I....
  • Walked. Alot.
  • Took one phone call.
  • Sent 3 text messages.
  • Stopped to sign a petition to stop the local post office from being closed down
  • Admired my neighbors' Halloween decorations
  • Tried my best to catch some falling leaves (unsuccessfully)
  • Wrote this post in my mind
  • Planned a Turkey Day 5K for my neighborhood or my running club--don't know which
  • Just enjoyed the feeling of freedom
It was a good run.


Meg Runs said…
Sounds like a nice way to spend your time, it's not always about running, right? Just most of the time!
Lisa said…
Oh can you come to my neighborhood and plan a run? I have always thought that 5k would be a fun fundraiser for my kids school but I don't know anything about organzing one. Sounds like you had a nice relaxing run.
Mama said…
Sounds like a nice relaxed run!

MCM Mama
so funny. you crack me up. :)
Jennifer P said…
Sounds perfect to me!
What a multi-tasking run!
My favorite part is imagining you trying your best to catch falling leaves.